By Emily Glover, Customer Team Member, Hebden Bridge

MyWork has been going down a storm in our shop, it’s so nice to have everything in one place rather than on different bits of paper.

Now when I start my shift the first thing I do is log into the app to see the jobs we’ve got to complete. It keeps us all on the same page, stops us forgetting things and makes sure we’re completing activities at the right time.

It also means our store manager Emma can have a day off without worrying how we’re getting on. She can leave us jobs in the app, rather than having to jot down a to-do list or brief us all in person.

If we get stuck we just use the information link which takes us to the right How do I policy or procedure.

Open to everyone

Before we got MyWork, a lot of the responsibility for signing things off fell to the management team.  We can now do that ourselves for some jobs, which is really good, we feel more involved.

Because MyWork is open to everyone in store and it isn’t always down to the store manager to decide who does what, colleagues feel more responsible for working through activities to make sure they get done. It’s great to see.

After we’d got a couple of people signed up to it at the very start, everyone else couldn’t wait to log on.

It just makes things run so much more smoothly and you go home at the end of the day knowing you’ve done what you needed to do, and in the way it should be done.

It might be a bit scary for some people because it’s change, but it’s good change.



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  1. constantly moving forward and making a difference. This is the COOP. A great way of showing a different way.

  2. Oh wow. This sounds really good. Cant wait to check it out tomorrow.

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