By Helen Grantham, Group Secretary and General Counsel

As a member owned business, our AGM and elections give you a chance to get involved in our democracy, and vote on our motions. These include what we campaign on and how we work and also elect our Independent Non-executive Directors and Council members.

Last year we had AGM Motions on plastic recycling and responsible advertising. Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of both of these and we’ve made some great progress since our last AGM, which you’ll see in our ‘You Said, We Did’ report.

More about our 2019 motions

Have your say on Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities

This builds on the support of our Member’s Council to make Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities an official Co-op campaign, where we already have a commitment to both protect colleagues and address the root causes of crime in society. Support of this motion will:

  • Maintain levels of investment in technology and security measures to keep colleagues safe where £70m has been invested in the last three years
  • Build on increased support to community groups who tackle the root causes of violent crime to help individuals in those communities to reach their full potential

Have your say on Increasing our Commitment to Fairtrade

Our Co-op has been committed to Fairtrade for many years, championing the movement and continuing to outperform the market in our work with suppliers and our overall sales.

Working alongside Fairtrade groups and strengthening our support for Fairtrade Producers this motion calls for the Board to:

  • Campaign and communicate about the Fairtrade difference
  • Increase visibility of Fairtrade products in our shops
  • Review the possibility of strengthening and extending the Fairtrade product range
  • Explore how members can support and contribute to the growth of co-operative Fairtrade projects
  • Make our Co-op website a digital hub where people can easily find Fairtrade products
  • Fully report on our financial support of Fairtrade

Have your say on Responsible Sourcing

To ensure a natural environment we’re proud to pass onto future generations, this motion calls for the Board to accelerate action to mitigate and reduce the impacts of the Co-op on the natural world:

  • Pursue ambitious science based plans to reduce carbon and green house gas emissions
  • Publish plans for responsible sourcing of key ingredients and resources used across the Co-op
  • Promote and develop digital tools to measure the environmental and ecological footprints of our products
  • Work with partners to restore nature in agricultural supply chains
  • Support the international call for a ‘Global Deal for Nature and People’ to reverse nature’s decline by 2030

Use your vote

If you’re eligible to vote you should have already received your AGM voting invitation by email or post. If you haven’t, call 0800 023 4708.

Not voted yet? Vote online now. You’ll need to have your email or letter to hand with your voting codes.

If you want to know more about the AGM, please visit or email the team at