By Jo Whitfield, Chief Executive Officer, Retail

As you all know, the Co-op is unique and our AGM gives you a chance to get involved in our democracy. You can vote on our motions and elect Member Nominated Directors and Council members – your vote gives you the power to make a real difference.

This year, you have a chance to vote on what I believe is the most colleague-focussed motion that has been put to our AGM in recent years which is completely in support of our Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities campaigning.

You may have read Jan’s story which tells of her experience working on the front line of our business where she and her colleagues were subjected to four armed robberies over a ten-week period. This, and all attacks on colleagues either physical or verbal are unacceptable, and we’re totally committed to tackling this and making our communities safer places to live and work.

The Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities motion aims to build on our commitment to protect colleagues and address the root causes of crime in society and:

  • keep investing in technology and security measures to keep colleagues safe, which has seen £70m invested in the previous three years
  • calling on our government to do more to protect shop workers on the front line with tougher penalties for offenders and changing how society thinks about and responds to violence
  • build on increased support to community groups who tackle the root causes of violent crime to help individuals in those communities to reach their full potential

I do hope you can take some time to use your vote this year and support this motion. We’re serious about protecting colleagues and making our communities safer places to live and work and your vote can really help shape this for years to come.

If you’ve received a Co-op voting invitation by letter or email, vote now!

If you’re an eligible member you should have already received your AGM voting invitation by email or post. If you haven’t had yours, you’ll need to call 0800 023 4708.

You’ll need to vote online or by post by Monday 13 May or you can attend the AGM and vote in person on the day – you’ll just need to register that you are coming along.

If you want to know more about the AGM, please visit or email the team at

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  1. This safer campaign means a lot to me so please support this and get voting

  2. I will be voting for this motion because it’s vital we act on this issue and raise awareness of the devastating impacts of violent crime. Raising the profile of the issue in the public conscious is a logical first step and I’m pleased Co-op are taking a lead.

    I would like to hear more detail about those community groups we are supporting. How are they seeking to tackle violence? It would be interesting to hear their stories.

    There are deep and complex questions being asked here. How should society think about and respond to violence?? I doubt we have all the answers (I certainly don’t!) but we need to be talking about it.

    I’m glad the Co-op is.

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