By Alison Jones, Customer Director

Together, we do amazing things at the Co-op, things that make a difference at home and abroad. This weekend we started talking to our customers and members about those Co-op differences in a new way, so they know when they choose Co-op, it does good.

We launched our new branding as well as our three amazing new ads at our AGM on Saturday. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can click on the images below that will take you through to each of our adverts and the stories behind them.

We want people to know that whenever (and wherever) they shop with the Co-op, it does good

I’m so excited that we’re starting to showcase the brilliant things we do, helping our customers understand that we’re more than just the shop at the end of their street or the funeral home they go to when they need us.

These adverts and our other customer communication, really bring to life the connection between our Co-op products and our communities as well as helping customers to see the Co-op as a whole.

Now, whenever you see an ad, a billboard, POS, an email or a leaflet for any part of the Co-op business, you should be able to recognise it immediately as coming from us.

The start of a new conversation

We’ll start to talk more about what makes us different, our support of communities and our amazing products and services.

Our new end-line that will feature in the majority of our customer communication will sum up what we stand for.

Making a difference to local communities. Encouraging co-operation. Helping people do their bit to bring about great change.

Co-op – It’s what we do.

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  1. Wonderful!…and I’m delighted to be part of telling these stories as a new Member Pioneer Coordinator. Having worked in Public Sector and community roles with local government for the past 18 years I can’t tell you how refreshing and admirable it is that Co-op are funding NEEDS….local communities benefitting on a grass roots level. There is so much lack and together, we are making a real difference to people/relationships/wellbeing & places.

  2. Its really good to see Co-op talking about the positive impact it has on its communities.

    My only call out would be – Why was Co-op Legal Services not included in the campaign?

  3. @Caroline and @Sid. This is why we have multiple marketing budgets and campaigns. The IWWD campaign is the Corporate fluffy feel-good message and then someone else will produce the tactical and blunter product-focused promotional advertising.

    The real heroes are the people in store and in the homes who actually live this stuff instead of just making adverts about it.

  4. I like the message in the ads but in this day and age most people do not watch ads on TV they record shows and fast forward the ads. I rarely watch tv, in fact other than the news I can’t say I watch normal tv anymore. I know we have a coop featured on a soap can’t we pay the show to say what we do in the script? product placement if you like. It may spread the message more affectively for those who watch it?

  5. @Caroline beautifully put, but I’m afraid I’m going to disagree with you there. In past campaigns we’ve marketed ourselves exactly the way you’ve described – product first.

    I’ve heard so many colleagues over the years scream we’re not promoting the things that make us different. Now ethics are very much in vogue, we’re finally doing just that.

    I for one, am ecstatic that we’re finally shouting our positive message from the rooftops.

    Can’t please all the people all the time I guess…

    • Reading through this article and the full stories in the PDF has made me feel really proud to be here. What a great piece of work for everyone involved! 🙂

      The product-led ads were dandy, but every retailer has quality lines. Yeah our red meat is Red Tractor certified and 100% British. That’s great! But so is Morrison’s meat. So is Aldi’s. Good quality product shouldn’t be a unique selling point: that’s just meeting the basic requirements of being a decent food retailer. The bar needs to be higher than that. It’s funny really, how woeful the state of British food retailing would have to be for “We don’t import in cheap meat” or “our food tastes nice!” to be something unique worth shouting about!

      If I look back at the businesses who have lost my custom in recent history, it was because of unethical practices, environmental harm, or mistreatment of their employees. I’ve not yet boycotted any business because the ready-meal I bought failed to blow my mind!

      • Thank you for making my point. You clearly have ‘that broad a choice’.

  6. We are ethical and community minded and that’s great but I’m beginning to think its the only thing we talk about.
    I’m referring to the food business in particular. In my experience customers chose a food store because of the quality, taste and choice of food available. Its rare that people walk past a store that has something they want, because they don’t agree with its values. Not many people have that broad a choice.
    Our own brand foods are fantastic. Tasty, high quality and innovative. But we never talk about them. They are in the background somewhere in every ad. Sure, we know the meat is British and that’s great but what does it taste like? Is it better than M&S? I just think its a crying shame that we produce all of this amazing stuff but no one knows it.

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