By Chris Gunning, Store Manager – Petrol Holmer Road

Here in Hereford, a local cause that we’re super excited about supporting is Wheeled Sports 4 Hereford Limited. They’re an incredibly passionate volunteer group who set up a community funded skatepark, just around the corner from our store on Holmer Road.

It was great to see the skatepark used as the backdrop for the first of our three summer adverts this year – linking our delicious food with the great work we do in the community.

Since it first opened, we’ve built a close relationship with the skatepark’s users and volunteers, many of who regularly visit our store. Though it’s been a fair few years since I’ve taken to the ramps myself, I can see the huge benefits it brings to our community.

The skatepark welcomes large numbers of skateboarders, BMX’ers, in-line roller blade and scooter users, of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. It’s a great example of inclusivity. They offer lessons to anyone from beginners to advanced participants, creating opportunities for all.

Their organised events have been one of their biggest successes, providing a fun, unique and safe space for the community to come together. They often attract hundreds of people who’ll come to enjoy the DJs and bands, as well as the skatepark facilities. It goes without saying that these events have a positive impact on our store. We’ve asked for a programme of upcoming events so we can promote them and also, as a store team, support them through volunteering ourselves.

We’re delighted to call the skatepark one of our local causes, meaning that the money from the local community fund will go towards improving its facilities. So far, our 24hr store’s also helped increase accessibility by selling light cards that power the floodlights for round-the-clock use, as well as providing food and refreshments for some key events.

We’re really looking forward to growing our relationship with the skatepark and helping it to grow as a real community hub.

Check out the skatepark in all its glory in our summer advert below.


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  1. Do this in shenfield we need it

  2. fantastic community connection, well done to Chris and his team at Holmer Road!!!

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