By Helen Webb, Chief People Officer

In our 2019 #BeingCoop awards, the Member’s Choice category was slightly different from the rest as the nominations were received solely from our members.

This year’s winner was Ross Blackburn, a Customer Team Member in our Roundhay food store who was nominated by our member Susan Powell.

Susan regularly shops with us and wanted to recognise exactly how Ross had gone above and beyond with the exceptional service he provided as she recovered from a brain haemorrhage in 2018.

Susan told us:
“While I was recovering, shopping was incredibly difficult for me as I struggled with balance, dizziness and co-ordination.

Ross was on duty the most when I came in to store, either on the till or on the shop floor and without his help I’d have been living off toast or jam sandwiches for quite a while. There are customers with far greater needs, but Ross had the instinct of knowing when I needed a bit of help and assisted me as if it was the most natural thing in the world; it made me feel like I was the only customer. He’s very intuitive and knew what I needed before I knew myself. He’s always polite, patient and helpful and really went the extra mile. I tried not to bother the team as I know they’re exceptionally busy, but I didn’t feel a nuisance or different to others, I felt as valued as a fully able customer which was very welcome.

Recognising and counting money was a challenge so I would just show Ross and ask was it enough; he would give it back if there was too much or ask for more without embarrassing me.

He’ll be unaware of this as he was ‘just doing his job’ but his service is outstanding. As they say, ‘it’s the little things’ and for me Ross made a huge difference.”

Congratulations Ross on winning the #BeingCoop Members Choice award.