By Rebecca Tipton, HR Benefits Team

Registration for the 2019 Bike Scheme is now open and you’ve got until Friday 5 July to take part.

Our partnership with Halfords offers colleagues a wide selection of bikes, with savings of up to 42%* on the cost of a bike and safety accessories, for cycling to work.

There are some great bikes available and Halfords can usually find the bike you want. You can register now to get fitter, help reduce CO2 emissions and save yourself some money.

To find out more and apply visit and register using the following login details**:

  • Company Username: CoopGroup
  • Company Password: BikeScheme

You’ll be asked to fill in your personal details and create an account.***
See here for which button you need to click to register.

Phil Spencer registered last year and told me how it’s helped him out:

I think the Bike Scheme’s brilliant because I didn’t have to find the cash up-front. I got a much better bike than I’d normally be able to afford and spread the cost over 12 months deducted from my salary, so I’ve not really missed the money and I’ve saved on tax too. I also used the voucher to buy the equipment I needed.

I feel fitter and my journey to work is quicker and I don’t have to put up with public transport, or the ever increasing traffic. I just completed a quick on-line form – dead easy.

Important things to consider before you apply

Bike Scheme savings come through ‘salary sacrifice’, which means that you agree to give up part of your salary in exchange for a non-cash benefit. In this case it’s the loan of a bike and safety accessories.

It’s important to know that ‘salary sacrifice’ means a contractual change to your terms and conditions of employment. You make the savings by not having to pay tax or National Insurance contributions on the salary you sacrifice. In return the bike must be used by you, mainly to cycle all, or part of, the journey to work.

Don’t worry, we’ve included a 10-day cancellation if you change your mind. But after this we pay Halfords for your bike upfront and this amount will start to be deducted from your salary. So please only apply if you’re sure you want to be part of the scheme.

If you leave the business for any reason, including TUPE transfers to another employer, you are required to re-pay your loan in full when you leave. You won’t be able to benefit from these savings on the outstanding balance.

* Actual savings depend on the rate of income tax you pay.
** May only be accessible on personal devices.
*** If you can’t access the website, or you need help registering, please call the helpline on 0330 100 2313, 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

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  1. Can I use this for accessories with out buying a bike?

    • Hi. You can use the scheme to get safety accessories for your bike, this wouldn’t include ‘normal/gadget accessories’ just safety related ones to your bike. It’s better to confirm with the bike store you are going to use on the type of safety accessories you can get, before you request your amount in the scheme.

  2. Can you offer any advice if I wish to purchase a specific bike via the C2W scheme, but Halfords do not stock that brand of bike. Some internet research suggests I could use a C2W voucher with one of Halfords “associated distributors” ( Some other bike shops opennly state I could use a Halfords C2W voucher with them (

    Can you offer any clarity on this? Or is this something I need to talk directly to Halfords about?

    • Hi, If you can’t find what you are looking for, Halfords will endeavour to source most other brands that are available in the UK such as Trek, Scott, Giant and many others – simply call the dedicated Halfords Cycle2Work team on 0345 504 6444, or email them at

  3. Hi.

    Do you agree that you could potentially be paying more after the 12 months, as we are essentially hiring from you then pay a sum at the end.

    If I purchase a bike this year, can I sign up for another one next year if my circumstances have changed?

    • Thanks for your query. HMRC rules don’t allow us to put this in the formal Comms, but no need to worry about a hidden additional cost at the end. The way you save, is by paying less Tax and NI on the amount you borrow, by salary sacrifice. If colleagues have repaid in every pay period for the previous year’s bike, then they can apply again the following year. If you want to chat about it to help you decide, you can call the helpline.

  4. There is a colleague in one of our stores (CTM) whom works full time, when it came to ordering it, it says he cant do it as it takes him below the minimum wage – is this right?

    • Yes – if the bike amount applied for takes colleagues below minimum wage, then it can’t be accepted as they don’t pay enough Tax/NI to save with the Scheme. However, the colleague will receive an email from the supplier with a discount option if they wanted to use this. If more detailed info is needed, the helpline can explain in full on 0330 100 2313.

  5. The login details do not work. I have copied and pasted them, I have typed them in carefully checking them.

    It simply does not work.

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems logging in. The login details are definitely working, as lots of colleagues have already registered and applied. If you’re still having trouble, please call the helpline we’ve provided 0330 100 2313 Mon to Fr 8am to 6pm, and they can talk you through step by step.

  6. The scheme details say it’s essentially a 12 month hire, at the end of which the business has the option to sell us the bike at a fair market value. This seems overly complicated and the benefits of this scheme over purchasing privately aren’t immediately apparent to me (aside from the tax free payments, but my concerns about that is the word “hire”). It says I can save “up to” x amount but if I’m “hiring” the bike and then pay for it at the end of that hire period what’s to stop it from costing more?

    • Yes, HMRC wording can be complicated. However, transfer of ownership is released to you at the end of the scheme year in which you participate, HMRC rules don’t allow us to put this in the formal comms, but no need to worry about a hidden additional cost at the end.

  7. How long till you get a reply after applying iv been waiting 3 days iv heard ppl have waited longer last year

    • Hi, Payroll have to authorise each application to make sure that tax and NI can be saved based on each colleague’s circumstances. Now that payroll for June Pay Day has been reconciled, colleagues should start to receive e mail notifications soon.

  8. Hi the current login details do not give access. currently keep getting an invalid sign in message pop up.

    • Sorry to hear you’re having problems with the login. We’ve just tried it and all works OK. If you’re still having problems please call the helpline and they can talk you through the login step by step – 0330 100 2313.

  9. At the end of the 12 months, what would the final payment look like on average? In the T&Cs it says after the agreement period HMRC will determine the cost of the bike based on fair market value taking in to account the condition of the bike. If, as an example, the bike is purchased at £500 through the scheme then the calculator put the net price at circa £340. Meaning if the bike is valued at 50% its original price at the end of the 12 months, the bike would stand me at £590, £90 more than the original price. Or are the payments made deducted from the second hand value of the bike at the end of the 12 months if so what if the bike is deemed to then cost less then was already paid on the bike? Lastly what if I do not want to transfer ownership at the end of the 12 month period? Who takes the bike back?


    • Hi, this can be a bit confusing as HMRC rules state that we can’t specify the details of what happens at the ‘End of Scheme’ point when you have paid to hire the bike for a year. Any transfer of ownership at the end of the hire period has to be part of a separate agreement and we aren’t allowed to talk about it within the Scheme Comms. You’re right, you will make a saving during the hire period as you won’t pay Tax & NI on the amount of the loan. Although HMRC insist we must base the transfer/sale value on a minimum amount, we have agreed a different solution with HMRC, which satisfies their tax requirements and means in effect, you won’t pay any more. Confirmation of this and the transfer of ownership is released to you at the end of the scheme year in which you participate – so no need to worry about a hidden additional cost at the end.

  10. I’m a little confused about how this works. When you go through to the site it states that you are, in effect, hiring the bike for 12 months with the option to buy it at the end of that period for an amount to be determined based on second hand value. The calculator for a £450 bike shows that you’d pay approximately £300 over 12 months. If I had a bike to sell after 12 months that I’d paid £450 for originally, I’d expect it to sell for around £300, so does this mean that you’d be paying £600 in the end?

    I don’t think that can be right, but can’t see how else it would work!

  11. Can you choose any bike?

  12. Why is this limited to £1000 and Halfords ?

    • Thanks for your query. Because we’re such a large society we use a single provider with a large geographical presence for the Bike Scheme which involves a single supplier agreement and a single secure login for payroll to authorise the applications.
      This is important as we can be confident they adhere to the HM Revenue & Customs / Department for Transport rules. Halfords can usually source the bike you want, even if they don’t have it in store, because they use a network of approved independents too, but you need to go via Halfords for this, or Cycle Republic or Tredz owned by them.

      The £1,000 limit is imposed under a ‘Group Consumer Credit Licence’ issued by the Office of Fair Trading for the purposes of the Cycle to Work salary sacrifice scheme and is applicable to all employers, unless they opt to enter into the cost, complexity and governance of applying for a specific Consumer Credit Licence.

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