By The Probate Operations Management Team

Bence was nominated for our Legal Services Colleague Of The Year, for being a star who lives and breathes the Co-op values and Ways of Being.

Bence is one of our Lead Case Managers in Probate Operations, based in Bristol. His job is to work with families who’ve lost someone, and help to manage all of their complex legal needs. Losing somebody can be tough enough on it’s own, but then having to sort out all of the legal matters is incredibly stressful. In times like this, Bence has been incredibly valuable.

He’s got a very high level of technical knowledge around probate, managing estates and taxes. But one of his strongest features is his attitude. His positivity is infectious and he helps raise the mood across the team and the wider department.

Sometimes our teams have cases where the client’s grief makes them more challenging to work with as they can be very angry and demanding. It’s well known in the field of probate that if a case is really complicated, it can take years to sort out. Despite legitimate reasons for it taking so long, nobody wants to wait years for closure of the death of a loved one and it can be too much to expect a client to be happy with this.

Bence often works on these cases and he always turns it around – working his magic so that the client walks away happy. Sometimes, what could potentially become a complaint often changes and results in a glowing letter of praise. In fact, Bence is never short of thank you cards and gifts!

There are people who are great with the law, and there are people who are great with people, Bence is certainly both of these.

Congratulations on being selected as our 2019 #BeingCoop Legal Services Colleague of the Year.