By Carly Muggivan, Area Manager

When James started in his first ever job at our food store in Ramsgate, he was a quiet and shy young man who simply wanted to buy his family some Christmas presents and pay for driving lessons.

From day one, James has given everything to his apprenticeship and having witnessed his personal growth since then, it makes me incredibly proud to have nominated him for the Apprentice of the Year award.

Through his hard work and sheer determination, James has bravely pushed himself out of his comfort zone to exceed in all areas of his level two apprenticeship.

James has now passed his driving test, completed the level two qualification, been promoted to a Team Leader in our Petrol Minster store and has started working towards the level three qualification. Not satisfied with that, James now acts as a mentor for three new level two apprentices, and as a result of his passion and willingness to share his story we now have four level three apprentices completing the course alongside him.

This is just a testament to how James is as a person, but also shows how the apprenticeship programme offers colleagues great opportunities to learn whilst working.

Throughout the last 18 months, we’ve watched him grow to the point where he will now confidently approach anyone who visits his store, and talk about what he has learnt and share his knowledge. He’s a competent role model to his colleagues and always gives maximum effort in everything he does – he’s a real asset to the business.

Having witnessed James’ journey so far, I’m confident he’ll achieve his ambition of becoming a Store Manager, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for him at Co-op.

Congratulations on being selected as our 2019 #BeingCoop Apprentice of the Year.