By Michael Calvert, Area Manager – York

I nominated Colin Powell for the 2019 #BeingCoop Community Star of the Year Award as I’m extremely proud of him. He’s the store manager of Haxby food store.

He brings focus to the powerful role we can all play in driving and celebrating success in our communities. He totally doesn’t see supporting his community as an ‘add-on’ to his personal life or day job – it’s actually ingrained into his life. It’s not just a gesture, he does what he says he’s going to do and gets others to jump on board seamlessly.

To Colin, there’s nothing broken that can’t be fixed. He’s an inspiration to the rest of my team and a true role model for community fund raising. He instinctively creates momentum within the team that’s infectious and he’s really clear about what he’d like to do – making sure that, if we all come together, everything we do within the community can make a difference to someone who needs it.

By living and working in Haxby, he felt he could serve his community better through giving back and making a difference. He’s been involved with so much, at so many different levels that it’s really hard to single out just one.

To name just a few: working with his local council to improve commerce in the community; using his store’s community fund to sponsor and attend Haxby Carnival; mentoring small business managers who organise the Haxby Christmas Lights; coaching others on our food redistribution scheme – Food Share; raising over £4,000 towards York’s Sands and working throughout the year with the volunteers and inviting them to all his store events.

Colin displays what Being Co-op is all about with real tenacity. It’s just part of his character and he delivers it so selflessly, it’s completely unforced and comes naturally.

I spoke to him after he came back from the AGM. He’d been invited alongside the other Being Co-op Award winners to a celebratory afternoon tea. He thoroughly enjoyed it, although he said it was a humbling experience to be there and perhaps one he didn’t deserve. That’s Colin through and through.

Congratulations on being selected as our 2019 #BeingCoop Community Star of the Year.

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  1. A true inspiration as Michael rightly pointed out! Well done Colin xx

  2. Congratulations Colin, very well deserved.

  3. Great to see the success you’ve made of the store spreading throughout your Community due to your hard work and tenacity. Well done really well deserved.!

  4. Well done Colin, fully deserved.

  5. Well done Colin!

  6. Well Done Colin, well deserved!!!

  7. I love reading all of the winners’ stories. They really are humbling. Well done and well deserved Colin.

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