By Lee Williams, Warehouse Team Manager, Avonmouth Depot

Huge congratulations to Laura on being awarded our 2019 #BeingCoop Logistics Colleague of the Year. In the time she’s been with us, she’s become an undeniable force in our Avonmouth warehouse team.

Laura joined us as a Warehouse Operative in June 2018, having previously worked in our depot as part of the Blue Arrow team – the agency we use in our warehouse operations.

Laura spent her final six months with the Blue Arrow team as a supervisor. In this time she established herself as a top performer, despite having had little experience in a warehouse environment.

It was during her transition to Co-op that Laura’s hard work really stood out as she left a noticeable void in the Blue Arrow team. They spent a few months looking for a replacement, but none could match her drive and desire to engage with people.

For this reason, she was invited to step in as a Co-op colleague to ensure a smooth transition when Blue Arrow underwent a change of management in September 2018. During this period I was really impressed by Laura’s determination, strength of character and professionalism. It’s the main reason I nominated her.

Her main role was to support wellbeing, engagement and development, and she also took the lead in identifying and training the new Blue Arrow Lead Associate. But it’s not simply what Laura did that led to her nomination, more the way she did it. Laura radiates passion and energy and in doing so, has completely reset the expectation of what good looks like.

She’s proven herself to be a natural and selfless leader. As well as playing a fundamental role in coaching others around her, she’s always keen to learn and develop herself. She’s got a strong appetite for knowledge and never takes a backwards step towards the challenges in front of her.

Because of this, Laura’s built a level of trust and authenticity within the depot, leading to her recent promotion to 2019 Team Manager Apprentice.

Starting out as a Blue Arrow colleague learning a new role, Laura has grown into a highly recognised Co-op colleague who’s made a real difference at the depot.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Laura in her new role. We wish her every success.

Congratulations on being selected as our 2019 #BeingCoop Logistics Colleague of the Year.

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  1. Well done Laura, amazing achievements and in only one year!

  2. Great job my girl. I proud of you.

  3. Well said Lee. Huge congratulations to Laura!

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