Emma Scott, Store Manager, Hebden Bridge

My team were super excited to trial this piece of innovation and new way of working. When the app was made available in our store everyone was chomping at the bit to get on it.

We’ve been really involved ever since, constantly giving feedback to help shape what MyWork has become.

Previously, there were a lot of tasks we had to do on our handheld terminal before going to the back office to sign it off in our diary. Walking back and forth was really distracting, and sometimes we would just forget to fill in the diary altogether!

Everything’s automatic now, as soon as we complete a task we go straight into MyWork and get it all signed off there and then, it’s just part of our routine.

It’s like having the back office in your pocket and lets us spend more time on the shop floor with our customers.

Peace of mind

Holiday handovers are now really easy, too. There’s no longer bits of paper floating around the office that could easily get lost.

I was actually off on annual leave a couple of weeks ago when our grocery promotion was due in. Before I left I just sent the team a task to let them know what we needed to do to get ready for it.

Often store managers pile loads of responsibility on their shoulders, but this app makes it so easy to work together to get the job done. I can actually enjoy a day off without worrying, and it only takes me two seconds to log into MyWork when I get back to see who completed what and when.

I’m so excited to see it roll out in the rest of our stores this week, it’s fantastic.