By Kasim Rajput, Senior Business Auditor

Since last week, many of our colleagues have been celebrating Eid-al-Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan – the Islamic month of fasting.

I’m really keen to get more people learning about what fasting involves and what it means to our Muslim colleagues. It’s an important stepping-stone in making sure everyone feels included. Hopefully you’ll find this factsheet a useful starting point – to provide some insight and answer some questions.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all colleagues who joined this year’s Ramadan fasting fundraiser, in aid of our very own Co-op Foundation charity. What better way to learn than by experiencing something for yourself? Ross McGregor from our funeral home in Hamilton certainly agrees:

I decided to do the fast because being inclusive is very important to me. Having lived my life with a physical disability, I believe it’s so important to make everybody feel welcome and confident within themselves.

Our sponsored fast is a great way to practice being mindful and considerate towards other people, their values and beliefs. We’d love to see more of you joining us in the coming years, but come ready for the challenge! Ross also commented:

I felt good during that fast…the only real struggle was putting out dinner for my wife and kids. They say half the taste is in the smell so I sniffed and sniffed!

The Eid celebrations were most definitely deserved. I was chuffed to see 150 colleagues join myself and the Internal Audit team, along with the Support Centre Pioneers, at our event on 11 June in 1 Angel Square. Thanks to everyone’s efforts – and some very kind donations – we’ve now raised over £700!

Muslims often give to charity as part of Ramadan, and organising this fundraiser was a great way to support our Foundation. There’s still time to make a difference and show your support for the great work the Foundation do by donating here. Alternatively, you can choose its Belong programme as your local cause.

Going forward, our fundraising will be aligned with our new community plan, Co-operate 2022. This looks to improve the wellbeing of our communities, either through improving community spaces, supporting mental and physical health, or developing skills and education.

In light of this, we hope our sponsored fast continues to grow, also becoming an important part of how we celebrate Ramadan across Co-op and help more colleagues feel included.

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  1. Huge shout out to Rania Abdul in the Supplier Engagement team who not only arranged the sponsored fast, but also arranged a team “feast” for Eid which we all enjoyed yesterday.

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