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By Paul Barnes, Store Manager, Chickerell Road  

I was absolutely delighted to hear that Nicki is the deserving winner of  our 2019 #BeingCoop Store Colleague of the Year. Although it comes as little surprise after all of her efforts and hard work throughout the year.

For some context, our store on Chickerell Road first opened in 2017. Being new to the area, it was important for us to establish our place within the community and Nicki took the lead in doing so. Her commitment to building local relationships is second to none.

Last year, Nicki handwrote 400 Christmas cards in her spare time and personally delivered them to the local community, signed “from your local Co-op”. This is just one of the many things Nicki’s done to promote our store and reach out to the locals.

However, it’s not only because of her community work that I nominated Nicki for this award. In the 22 years I’ve worked for Co-op, I’ve never met a colleague that’s so dedicated to her store and the colleagues who work alongside her.

If a shift needs covering, Nicki always steps up. If a colleague seems upset, Nicki’s the first to notice and support them. If the chance to learn something new comes up, Nicki applies for training. If a local store requires help, Nicki will volunteer. That’s just the kind of person she is, she embodies everything that is #BeingCoop.

It’s this type of positivity that makes me incredibly proud to have nominated her for the Store Colleague of the Year award.

I think Nicki will be the first to agree that sometimes she lacks confidence in her own ability. But, with a little encouragement, she’s now completed her BOOST program where she’s developed strong management behaviours and learnt to take on feedback.

This is a great achievement in just over a year and I’m honoured to say she’s now been seconded as Store Manager to another store.

Personally I’d like to say a huge thank you to Nicki. She’s an absolute rock for the whole team and myself, always putting the needs of everyone else above her own.

Congratulations on being selected as our 2019 #BeingCoop Store Colleague of the Year.

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  1. Well done, Nicola. Just shows what can be done if we have the right attitude.


  3. Congratulations Nicola, no hashtags required! Just well done, you’re an example to us all.

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