By Dave Robertson, Retail IT Director

Neil has a fantastic personality and deep-rooted personal values which earn him lots of respect from his colleagues. He lives and breathes our Co-op values in both his work and personal life. It’s not something he plans to do, he’s just naturally a Co-op kind of guy.

He’s recently led a big project and I’ve seen him repeatedly go above and beyond to get things done. He’s built a rock solid relationship with the Retail team and driven a ‘one team’ agenda harder than anybody else involved, challenging a ‘them and us’ way of thinking. I watched Neil have really difficult and often challenging conversations with people – but he always delivered his point of view completely in the right way, for the right reasons. On top of working on the project, he stepped up to cover the portfolio lead role after a sudden change in our team structure. After successfully juggling both roles so that nothing fell through the net, Neil received glowing feedback from the team.

To take our Co-op outside of Angel Square, Neil’s worked with the organisers of the IRIS prize film festival, an international event to educate and inform on the struggles of the LGBT community. He worked really hard and has managed to achieve some amazing things with them. Thanks to Neil’s involvement, we now provide a food village at the main festival in Cardiff where Welsh suppliers have an opportunity to display their products to a global audience. In return Co-op adverts are shown in the main festival, and also when films are shown around the world – that’s an amazing achievement!

As part of his involvement, Neil also approached Jo Whitfield, our Food CEO, to be filmed for a video. This was shown at the the IRIS prize film festival, promoting Co-op as an ‘employer of choice’ for the LGBT community. It was also showcased at a mini-film festival in Angel Square and received great feedback.

Congratulations Neil, these are just some of the examples of why you were selected as our 2019 #Being Co-op Support Centre Colleague Of The Year.

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  1. Well done Neil and congratulations, truly deserved.

  2. Nobody deserves this more! Well done Neil, you’re a truly lovely person inside and out – we’re lucky to have you

  3. Well done Neil. Well deserved.

  4. What these people said! Well done Neil – you’re missed on the 10th!

  5. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Neil on multiple occasions and I can absolutely second all of the above. A top bloke! Well deserved!

  6. Really well deserved Neil, what a fantastic achievement, am really pleased for you.

    I can only re-iterate what has already been said, you are a fantastic example of what the Co-op is all about – hard work, honesty, inclusivity and integrity.

    It was a pleasure to work with you on the work that you have done with Iris and the work you have done with the Respect Network in general.

    Not only should you be recognised for the above, but you should be recognised for being your humorous, lovely and witty self, and I am thankful that I am your colleague and friend……they really broke the mould when they made you.

    Continue to enjoy the recognition, you have more than earned it!

  7. Well deserved Neil – an individual who embodies just what the Co-op is all about!

  8. Having had the pleasure of working with Neil on Iris, which started with me meeting a colleague who has now become a good friend, this award is truly deserved. There are few people who can make you feel like your day has been lifted just by saying hello to them, but this is what Neil can do with his cheery, friendly and truly fabulous self. You are one of a kind!
    Well done Neil, so glad you have been recognised for being you 🙂


  9. Well deserved Neil – you help make the Co-op a great place to work

  10. Very much deserved! Well done Neil.

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