By Rachael Bickerstaff, Inclusion Partner

Over the past six months we’ve listened to colleagues across our business to understand how they experience life at work and how included they feel in what goes on at Co-op.

From this feedback we’ve pulled together lots of interesting things we’d like to share with you – to ask more questions and get a deeper understanding of how our business ticks and what part we can all play to make it a great place to work. We’d love to get your ideas on how we can improve our ways of working: things like access to training and development, making our promotion processes fairer and how we improve how colleagues feel at work.

To do this, on Monday 22 July we’re holding an ‘Inclusive Culture Hackathon’ at Federation House in Manchester. It’s open to colleagues from any part of our Co-op to attend. I know many of you will be asking… what’s a hackathon? Well, it’s a trendy term for when lots of like-minded people come together to talk openly and honestly, work though problems and challenges and come up with some great ideas to move things forwards. Does that sound like it’s up your street? If so, read on…

It’ll be a really interactive day and we’ll ask you to get involved in decision making and problem solving around the topics that are affecting colleagues most. We’ll be sharing some problems with you and ask how our businesses should work together to come up with fixes that’ll benefit all colleagues. Members of our Exec team will also be there to hear your thoughts, so it promises to be an exciting day and a great chance to spend time with colleagues across the business and make a difference.

If you’d like to join us, you can register by completing this invitation. Spaces are limited so register now and don’t miss out.

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  1. Morning, are Bank colleagues able to attend this please? If so, please can someone email me with information? Thank you.

  2. How do we become an inclusion pioneer?

    • Hi – Colleagues can become a pioneer through speaking to your business lead for that area: Tina Mitchell – Food stores; Ian Gibb – Logistics; Saleem Chowdery – Support Centre; Audrey furness – Funeral Care; Sarah Keane – Life planning. Hope that helps

  3. It would be interesting to see the percentage of colleagues within the business that do not work in Manchester and therefore I would ask are there plans to hold more of these throughout the regions so that more colleagues can be included? Sometimes I feel excluded because I do not live or work in Manchester.

    • Hi Joe, we’d love to hold hackathons out in the field and we will be looking at this as our plans progress for 2020, but currently this year we are holding our first event in Manchester. Irrespective of where colleagues live or work, they are very much invited to spend time with us in Manchester. During national inclusion week at the end of September our Inclusion pioneers in stores, logistics and Funeralcare will be holding more local events to enable colleagues to be more included.

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