By The Insurance Customer Contact Centre Management Team

Tony was nominated for our Insurance Colleague of the Year for always going above and beyond his day to day role.

Tony’s a customer advisor in the Customer Contact Centre in Manchester, and can always be relied on to be there to help during difficult calls and situations. A perfect example of this was when one of his colleagues was dealing with a difficult customer complaint. Unfortunately it couldn’t be resolved until the next business day, but they weren’t scheduled to work. Tony stepped in and took ownership of this himself, collating all the required information from several different departments and then calling the customer back to resolve the situation.

Away from answering the phones, Tony co-ordinated a large office move for the team. Thanks to how he managed the project, all colleagues were aware what was happening and when. He made sure all equipment was transferred over and liaised with facilities to ensure any special requirements were taken into account. Tony even came into work over the weekend and supervised the move himself. This meant the impact was kept to a minimum when colleagues returned on Monday morning and everyone was able to start work as normal with no disruption.

Tony’s always available for his colleagues and constantly looks out for anyone that needs help. He not only offers his expert insurance knowledge, but also acts as a great coach to his colleagues. He’s the perfect role model and is a great support to the management team.

Congratulations on being selected as our 2019 #BeingCoop Insurance Colleague of the Year. Nothing is ever too much for this Insurance superhero!