By Karen Maw, Learning Facilitator and Member Pioneer

I’m so pleased to see another good cause taking centre stage in the second of our three summer TV ads this year.

It brings to life how buying our juicy strawberries also means you’re supporting local causes, like Liverpool City Region Pride Foundation (the LCR Pride Foundation).

The foundation works to identify and tackle the daily barriers and prejudices the LGBT+ community face in the area, with the goal of making Liverpool the most LGBT+ friendly region in the UK.

I’m a Member Pioneer and Learning Facilitator at Co-op, so promoting inclusion and diversity is a huge part of my job. It makes me really happy to see us supporting a cause which does the same.

I’ve been particularly amazed by the enthusiasm on display by our Liverpudlian store colleagues looking to get more involved than ever in this year’s pride parade. If you’re in town, expect to see our stores decorated with bunting, balloons, pride t-shirts and big smiles!

Pride is a fun and safe space for us to come together to celebrate equality, inclusion and diverse gender identities. I’m thrilled that we’re stepping forward to show our support for these principles in our new summer ad, and I encourage all colleagues to do the same.

I grew up in Liverpool, and I’ve worked here for 37 years, so I can see the benefits our relationship with the foundation will bring to both the business and our community. I hope that it’ll raise awareness and encourage more inclusive ways of thinking and being, while supporting both our LGBT+ customers and colleagues.

Remember to log into your membership account and select the local cause you want to support with your 1%.

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  1. While I may be a little late to the programme, I saw this ad for the first time yesterday and I felt really glad to work for an organisation that truly champions LGBT+ rights!

    Please keep up the great work.

  2. Great story – shows exactly how our products and our community activity come together to change lives. #itswhatwedo

  3. well done, Karen.
    Great cause to support #itswhatwedo.

  4. Another wonderful story well done Karen

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