By Adam Taylor, Trade Planning Manager

I work in the Customer team here at Co-op. It’s my job to plan out the key moments for customers throughout the year, so we can make sure we’re offering them the products they want, exactly when they want them.

I think we’d all agree that, along with the warm weather, our amazing pizza and beer deal was one of the highlights of our record-breaking summer last year.

We sold over 500,000 deals during the World Cup, meaning we sold 183 pizzas for every minute of football played which, if laid out side by side, would cover the surface area of 17 football pitches. Mind. Blown.

I’m so happy we’ve decided to bring the deal back again this year. Our customers said they loved it and our store colleagues have told me the same when I’ve been out and about.

We’ve done things a bit differently this time though. Our customers in England and Wales said they wanted an alcohol-free alternative, so we’ve included Coca Cola in the deal.

And people in Scotland and Wales didn’t realise they could buy Budweiser in the deal, because it was merchandised away from the pizzas in the Beers, Wines and Spirits area, so we’re signposting it really clearly for them this year.

We’ve got more really exciting Super Savers coming up soon, so stay tuned!

£10.60 if sold individually. Offer valid when you buy 2 x chilled Thin & Crispy Pizzas (choose from Margherita Pizza 325g or Double Pepperoni Pizza 339g) AND 1 x Budweiser 4x300ml pack in one transaction. Offer valid until 06.08.19. Varieties as stocked, subject to availability. Please drink responsibly. See in participating stores for details.

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  1. TOO MUCH BUDWEISER! The offer has finished and now I’ve got about a thousand cases in stock!

  2. What is the BWS area of the store – I assume it is the aisle that displays alcohol but what does BWS stand for? Just curious as I work in Funeralcare and not a shop.

  3. Great deal but maybe a gluten free pizza could be added as part of the offer ??

  4. Hi, could you consider including the Bud Light 4 bottle pack in the offer as an alternative to the normal Bud ? Thanks

  5. Great offer – but when in store, the promotion is a little misleading as the signs for advertising the promotion look as though you can choose any of the Co-op standard pizza and the drink. The mini promotional signs are along the shelf edge of all the pizzas. It is only when you read the fine print that it says its Margherita and/or peperoni.
    Is it possible to add all the standard pizzas to the deal? May get more people buying?

    • I think due to the volumes involved this is impossible. It’s far easier for the manufacturer to focus on one or two pizzas.

  6. Hi I live in Scotland and I went to my local shop last night to purchase this deal, I could not find it advertised in the shop anywhere, I then asked a very helpful member of staff who noticed my COOP attire and they told me that they were not allowed to advertise alcohol in Scotland, I did manage to purchase the deal and it was lovely, however I find this whole escapade rather bizarre ! Surely not advertising an alcohol and Pizza deal in Scotland is missing a huge target audience.

    • Hi Tony, Scottish licensing laws restrict the way we can promote and merchandise alcohol in Scottish stores. We can advertise the Budweiser deal from within the BWS area of the store, but not anywhere else which can make it tricky.

      • Hi there I can confirm that this deal is not advertised Anywhere within my local Helensburgh supermarket.

  7. I Think this is a great offer. also with double discount you get it even cheaper bargain

  8. Brilliant Deal!

  9. Hi, As my partner and I are both vegans what alternatives are available for us?

  10. Perhaps offering an alternative to the beer of a (co-op?) bottle of wine….?
    I imagine this would have a great uptake…

    • Thanks for the suggestion Nicola, we’ve fed it back to the team

      • great deal! Its a shame that you don’t include the alcohol-free bud in the deal as i don’t drink alcohol…

        • From the article: “Our customers in England and Wales said they wanted an alcohol-free alternative, so we’ve included Coca Cola in the deal.”

          • Thank you for your comment Andrew. Yes, I am aware of the Coca Cola alternative. Going forward would it be possible to include the alcohol-free Budweiser! Then it would be possible to have the same experience without the alcohol.

  11. Good Morning

    I was wondering if there is an alternative for people who do not drink alcohol?


  12. A great deal, glad to see it back… although I think its maybe a month or so late as we could have made the most of the Women’s WC, Wimbledon and the Cricket WC

  13. That’s a great deal! who doesn’t love pizza? also sounds very exciting work in the customer team too!

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