By David Rose, Store Manager, Kemnay

I nominated our customer team member Louise for this year’s #BeingCoop Be Yourself Always award because of the dedication and smile she brings to every shift, even on a rainy day!

Part of my role as store manager is to recognise and promote talent in the team, but Louise’s passion and ability is obvious to anyone who steps inside our store. She’s made a huge impact on the team and her efforts certainly haven’t gone unnoticed. When I first started, Louise was known as ‘Gap Queen’ by her colleagues for always keeping on top of stock and making sure there weren’t any gaps on the shelves the morning after her shifts.

Louise puts in the same amount of effort when dealing with customers and has become a role model for excellent customer service. She’s always got her ear to the ground with what’s happening locally and without her, I don’t believe we’d be nearly as active in the community. She’s dedicated a great deal of her own time to various fundraising activities, from cake sales to coordinating a prize donation for a local school’s sports day event. She’s even been known to travel to other stores in the area to help with their community events.

But Louise’s nomination was less about what she does, and more about how she does things. Her strength-of-character, conscientious attitude and commitment to work is truly inspiring.

She’s had a very tough ride in her personal life with a history of cancer running through her family, and having had cancer herself. But this has never changed her outlook on how she approaches work. I’ve never known someone to have gone through quite as much, yet still approach the working day with such a positive ‘what are we going to achieve today’ kind of attitude.

The day I found out Louise won the award was the same day she found out her sister had been re-diagnosed with cancer. Up until the point she told me, I had no idea about the struggles she’d been going through. This is because she’d shown little change in ‘who she is’ and went about her work with as much dedication as ever. I would never expect this from anyone under these circumstances, but it’s a real testament to her character.

If you were to ask Louise, she would explain that she is ‘just doing her job’, but I believe it’s much more than that. She puts passion and pride into everything she does and even in the face of her personal difficulties, she’s never failed to ‘Be herself, always’.

Well done Louise for being this year’s deserving winner of our #BeingCoop Be Yourself Always award.

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  1. Well done Louise! A truly well deserved award you are an inspiration and a perfect example of ‘ Being Coop’

  2. Congratulations to Louise. Sounds as if she genuinely deserves her award. I’m sure it will make her feel good and it’s nice that her manager and colleagues think that highly of her. Well done Louise

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