Nick Ansley, Motor Product Manager, Co-op Insurance

I’ve recently been working on a new product for young drivers, which we hope will encourage young people to drive safely. Safer driving means safer roads and safer communities, and that’s high on our agenda at Co-op.

Co-op Insurance was the first major insurer to offer telematics technology in 2009, so I’m really proud that we’re continuing to innovate in this area. Telematics technology promotes safer driving by recording speed, distance travelled, braking times and the time of day or night that you are on the road. We’ve developed the graduated product in response to the positive impact our telematics policy has had on driving behaviour over the years.

Since the launch in 2009, Co-op has given back over £13 million for good driving, and wants to bridge the gap between monitored and unmonitored policies so that young drivers can continue to drive safely and be rewarded even without a telematics device.

We’ve seen just how impactful black box devices are on the driving behaviour of young people. From our data, we can see that it’s a great way of improving the safety of young drivers on the roads and we believe that responsible driving should be rewarded.

Through our new Graduated Young Driver product (customers will know it as their “Driver” product), we want to show drivers who have a proven track record of good driving that we trust them to continue driving safely, not only through ‘unboxing’ them, but through a premium that reflects their quality of driving.

Through the new ‘Graduated Young Driver’ product, drivers who have been on Co-op’s Young Driver telematics policy for two years with a high Safe Driving Score (SDS)* will have the chance to be ‘unboxed’.

In the next year we expect 2,500 young motorists to ‘graduate’ to the new product which is the first of its kind in the UK young driver market.

Qualifying drivers who have proven to be a consistently safe driver will have their black box switched off and will save around an additional £322 just by ‘graduating’ from a monitored to an unmonitored policy in their third year**.

* Safer Driver Score (SDS) is calculated through data picked up on the telematics black box device and is judged on:

  • your speed
  • how you take corners
  • how hard you brake and accelerate
  • the time of day you drive

**Average amount customer will save moving from Co-op’s Young Driver policy to Graduated Young Driver policy.


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  1. I passed my driving test first time back in 1977, so I’ve been driving for over 40 years. I am proud to say that I have never caused an accident although I’ve been involved in a few. SDS should be for people of all ages. The younger drivers do need to learn to respect the road and other drivers and so do the older drivers who have become complacent and think they know best on the roads. I travel a fair distance to get to and from my work place plus extra driving at weekends etc and most of the bad driving is from the older generation and some of these should not even be behind the wheel of a car.

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