By Jonathan Howard, Product Developer

Whether the sun shines or it’s raining, Summer’s one of the best times of year. With al-fresco dinners, BBQs or just a good catch up with friends – what better way is there to enjoy life? Well, this summer we’re here to help make it even better!

We’ve worked tirelessly to get plenty of delicious products in store, making food that you’d be proud to share with friends and family. That’s not all, we’ve worked just as hard to find products which compliment each other’s flavours. Here are just a few great ideas:

Sausages and Beer

Irresistible Sausages with a nice bottle of chilled Co-op Czech Lager

The crisp, sweet, hoppy subtle bitterness of the Czech lager provides a perfect palate cleanse to the rich, meaty, lightly peppered sausage – especially when on a white finger roll with the relishes or sauces of your choice.

Burgers and Wine

Incredible Burgers (Vegan) and a glass of two or our Irresistible Casablanca Valley Pinot Noir

The chilled Pinot Noir provides a more mellow profile. It softens the acidity for a sweeter, fruitier profile to come to forefront, which gives balance to the salty umami rich vegan burger, and the earthy flavour from the beetroot.


Cooked British chicken mini breast fillets skewers in a spicy tandoori marinade, coupled with apple and mango juice and a dash of indian tonic water

An even mix of the apple and mango juice with the indian tonic water (over ice) is the perfect light partner to the tandoori chicken, which is wonderfully rich in indian spicing. With its subtle tomato back note, the refreshing mango sweetness brings harmony to spicing, while the bitterness of the tonic highlights the meatiness of the chicken. Finally the carbonation from the tonic provides a crisp cleanse to your palate.

Why don’t you take advantage of Double Discount this weekend?

Whatever the weather, take advantage of colleague double discount on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 August. If the sun shines brightly be sure to dig out your shades, but even if the rain falls, the fun doesn’t need to stop – just bring the party inside!