By Jo Whitfield, Food CEO

Eight of the biggest UK festivals are now done and dusted. Starting with ‘Drown’load and super-soaked campers, to 31 Toad Lane at Glastonbury and finishing off strong with three festivals over the bank holiday weekend where the sun was shining. A massive thank you to the hundreds of colleagues that made these incredible events happen.

It was a personal proud moment for me to see our Co-op store being pitched up at Glastonbury, a place I’ve been visiting all my life and so close to my heart. I was also lucky enough to be invited to do a shift with the amazing colleague campers and got stuck into filling the shelves and replenishing ice as quickly as possible due to the hot sunny weather. I must say my retail standards weren’t quite up to scratch at the start but practice made (almost) perfect!

I also popped into Creamfields over the bank holiday weekend in my wellies and have seen all the brilliant pictures and videos you’ve shared on social media. It looked like everyone had an amazing time.

Here are some of my favourite pictures…

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I’ve seen how much hard work went into making these festival partnerships happen, filling them up from our depots, pitching up the 6000 sq ft shops, filling the shelves with hundreds of products and serving all those happy campers.

Not forgetting those colleagues back in our shops keeping things ticking over and delivering brilliant Summer trade. It’s been a challenge with the weather and some tough targets but I’m really proud of what we’ve all achieved this year and I am sad to see the festival season finish!

Thank you – you’re all amazing.

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  1. been lucky enough to do download & leeds , what an amazing time , both challenging in there own ways .big thanks to ali and his team for the support and making sure everyone was looked after during there time at the sites.

  2. How do you apply to be part of the festival secondment team for all the festivals?
    will it be advertised through normal job vacancies?
    Interested to support the pre and post event as well.

    • It’s great that you’re so keen to be involved!

      Our team that looks after the festivals are currently really busy reviewing every aspect from the 2019 season so they can plan for 2020. Look out for updates being shared form them once they’re available.

  3. I was part of the overnight team at Reading and we had so much fun and had a strong team. It was such an amazing experience and I really miss my Reading family!!! Thank you all and see you soon.!!

  4. I went to Latitude this year for the first time and your co-op pop up store was amazing! The staff were so happy and friendly, you stocked great essentials and we loved the reverse vending machine for the plastic bottles. My daughter picked people’s litter up off the floor after the shows and then we either recycled the bottles (if they weren’t from your store) and if they were she put them through your machine for the vouchers to come out. Hope you’ll be there again next year….I definitely will!

  5. So much love for my festival family across the country! Made some great friends working in the shops this year and last, well done to everyone involved for making this such a huge success. Proud to be part of it 🙂

  6. Was such a great experience working at Glastonbury Festival for Coop, 31 Toad Lane was where it was at! (because that’s where the ice was)
    I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity and hope I’ll get the chance to do it all again next year!

  7. It was a privilege to be part of Team Earlies at Leeds Festival this weekend under Trevor’s fantastic leadership. What an amazing experience, best week of my career. Thank you! #itswhatwedo #randl19

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