September 5, 2019

Inclusion and you

By Rachael Bickerstaff, Inclusion Partner – Organisational Effectiveness

Here at Co-op, we welcome everyone. Being an inclusive business is one of our top priorities, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’ll make us a stronger and better business. It’s really important that our colleagues feel respected, valued and included, and that we’re all able to come into work being our best selves.

I believe we’re all responsible for helping bring our communities together, to reduce the divides that we see on a daily basis and encourage everyone to be more understanding of each others viewpoints. If we think about our similarities and the things we have in common, rather than our differences, we would live in a much more peaceful and tolerant world. With the world we live in, the need for inclusion and understanding has never been more relevant.

This month marks National Inclusion Week, and throughout the month we’re celebrating every day inclusion! We want every colleague to get involved, to help us celebrate and inspire the practical ways we can create an inclusive environment in our workplace.

From Monday 23 – Friday 27 September, we’re doing a number of different things to help colleagues celebrate inclusion, celebrate each other and celebrate the differences that make us all so unique. From inclusion workshops, to meeting our colleague networks, or joining sessions about inclusion, there are lots of ways to get involved. To look at the full agenda and to find an event near you, take a look at our National Inclusion Week intranet page.

The things we do and the things we say can have a huge impact on each other, and it’s important for us all to play our individual part in creating a more inclusive culture. We want to turn the dial from just doing inclusion to being inclusive. Having a diverse and inclusive business is not only the right thing to do for our colleagues, customers and clients, but it will help make us a stronger and better business.

I’d love to hear what inclusion means to you. Join the conversation by commenting below, on Twitter or on Yammer using #beingcoop.