By Alice Hulston, Community Development Advisor

All of us have to undertake a number of different learning and training modules every year. These modules help us understand many of the processes and policies that are in place to help keep us safe. Not only that, but learning can help us develop our skills and abilities to help us improve the way we work – and that’s where MyLearning comes in.

MyLearning is our new learning management system which has been designed to give everyone access to richer, more interactive content. This includes a mix of mandatory and self-led learning development modules. Best of all, it’s really easy to use as it’s fully integrated into MyHR.

It initially took me a few minutes to find out which learning was outstanding – but once I figured it out, it was really easy to access the modules. I only had one module outstanding which was about ‘Risk’. This module detailed how you can help mitigate any risks to our company and our brand by staying compliant. The training was important as part of my role, and helped me understand my own responsibilities when it comes to risk.

The other thing that MyLearning offers is the flexibility to learn different courses and modules on topics that interest you and can help you with your own personal development. I had a look through the available modules and I quickly found one which was relevant to my new role, ‘Agile Thinking’. The module was really useful and I like the interactive Battleships game you could play to show different ways of thinking. ​

There are a number of self-led learning modules available on MyLearning which can be accessed by everyone, all of which have been designed with personal development in mind. New modules are being added all the time, so it’s worth checking in once in a while to see what learning you can take part in.

I’d encourage everyone to have a look around MyLearning – it’s a great way to support your own progression. I myself will be making sure that I use MyLearning in my downtime to take the opportunity to learn and expand my skills.