By Ahmed Sharif, Operations Manager, West Thurrock depot

Over three million people across the UK work at night. Here at Co-op we rely on our 24/7 workforce, from colleagues working in our Food depots, our 24 hour shops and our night ambulance crews in our Funeralcare business.

That’s why last year at West Thurrock depot, we spent time with our depot night shift workers and leading sleep researchers at SCNI, to really understand what affect working nights has on physical and mental health. We also talked about ways that we can improve our sleep health.

The Night Club mobile container parked up outside our depot and inside we took colleagues through interactive exercises, mini experiments and expert-led talks to learn all about the science behind sleep.

We explored the impact of light on the body and sleep, the basic biology behind sleep, when and what to eat whilst on a night shift, practical advice on managing sleep and mental health and how to improve sleep routines.

Working through the night becomes the norm for our night-shift workers, so colleagues here loved taking to time out to think about what little things they can do to improve how they feel when they come to work. Lots of our colleagues have taken on the advice from the professionals and it’s really made a difference to our night shift.

I’m excited that after the success at West Thurrock, Night Club will be hitting the road! Throughout September and October, Night Club will be going to Newhouse, Lea Green, Castlewood, Thurrock, Andover, Avonmouth and Coventry depots, and ending up at 1 Angel Square.

You can take a look at our short video to find out more.

Happy sleeping!

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  1. When the night club arrives at your depot please use it. The information and the people who run it are informative and have good insight into working nightshift. Great info into diet and managing sleep patterns, received really well here at Thurrock.

  2. Thank you Trevor we sometimes feel like the forgotten Shift. Is it getting worse and we are becoming the forgotten depot.??

  3. Really important to look after our night shift teams, great project

  4. what’s the premium for night shifts / unsociable hours, does it fairly reflect the impact?

  5. Read the book by ‘Matthew Walker’ – How we sleep…very informative.

  6. Why is the night club not going to Plymouth depot?

  7. Looking forward to attending one of the Newhouse sessions before moving from the field to start my new role in the depot’s Transport team on Night Shift at the start of October! I was down in Thurrock during the trial and the colleagues were buzzing about it.

  8. Great story Ahmed!

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