By Hannah Charlton, Press Officer

Nominations are now open for our second Neighbour of the Year Award. To help us find the UK’s Neighbour of the Year 2019, we’re looking for people to nominate those who go above and beyond to help their neighbourhood and surrounding community.

This year we’ve gone a step further and added a new category to award someone the ‘Community Spaces Champion’. The new award will celebrate someone who has shown commitment to either save, improve, or use a local space for the good of their neighbours or overall community.

The ‘Community Space Champion’ is particularly important as it highlights Co-op’s new partnership with charity, Locality, to launch an Endangered Spaces campaign to protect, support and improve 2,000 at-risk community spaces by 2022.

A carefully selected panel of judges from Co-op and Neighbourhood Watch will crown the winners of this years’ award. The awards will be judged using criteria we created last year, in conjunction with members into the traits British people think makes a good neighbour.

The traits of a good neighbour include:

  • Good neighbours look out for each other, for example keeping an eye on the house
  • Good neighbours are sociable and friendly – happy for a chat or a party invitation
  • They’re practically helpful – from taking in parcels to offering help with the plumbing
  • They’re kind, caring and respectful – more specifically thinking about the impact they have on neighbours

The ‘Community Spaces Champion’ award will be judged on how people have used a space in their local area to make a difference. This will be things such as setting up a sports match for neighbours at a local park; creating a community garden; setting up a support group in a community; or even helping to save a space from being shut down.

You might remember reading about last year’s Neighbour of the Year Paul Zuen, from Sheffield. He was nominated by his neighbour, Abby. Paul, 53, was commended for his consistent caring and neighbourly behaviour for over a decade.

If you think you know someone who could be crowned Neighbour of the Year, use this link to nominate. You’ll have to sign into your colleague membership account first so have your details handy. If you aren’t a Co-op member, you can use this link.