By Martin Rogers, Head of New Channels

Today we’ve announced a new deal with the NUS (National Union of Students) as their exclusive retail franchise partner, to open Co-op stores across NUS member sites. It’s so exciting because this deal could see us serving seven million students over the next five years.

This year we’ve already opened four Co-op franchise stores on university campuses – one at Leeds, two at Kent and our latest at Newcastle (pictured). We’re seeing unprecedented growth – already Freshers’ Week sales are blowing us away, and the reaction has been better than we ever could have hoped for.

We know franchise really works for university sites, and that’s what makes today’s announcement even more special because it will help us reach more students than ever before. It’s a key point on our journey to engage more young people, who are hugely important to us, to build a new era of Co-op fans.

We’re delighted to partner with a like-minded organisation like NUS, serving campus communities up and down the UK to support the health, well-being and employment of students. Being right at the heart of campus life can be the start of a relationship that young people take with them throughout their lives; one that’s not just transactional, but truly co-operative; promoting our values, engaging them with our difference and building a movement for change.

This is a pioneering opportunity to grow our brand, share our values, and get our products into the hands of the next generation of customers and members.

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  1. This is amazing but what about Scotland university’s? Is this in your plan?!

    • The NUS works across the UK in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, so as part of our exclusive franchise deal with them, we hope to open franchises in many of their member locations,

  2. will this create new job opportunities and if so, how soon will they be available?

  3. Well done all, we’ve been serving NUS Unions of over a decade through the CRTG and FRTS channels, this new arrangement is great news and will take the relationship to the next level both for Co-op and NUS I’m sure.

  4. A really savvy marketing move. Congratulations! Young people share the passion and ideology of ethically sourced goods. Capturing their attention and membership early will hopefully make them Co-op supporters for life.

  5. Congratulations Martin and the franchise team. Great achievement and great to be able to be sharing our Coop with the next generation of members in their own environment!

  6. Wow, this is a really great move Martin and a fabulous way to join forces with a new generation on strongly shared values! Well done to the whole team!

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