By Steve Murrells, Co-op CEO

This week marks the start of National Inclusion Week. Making our Co-op a truly inclusive place to work is one of my top priorities. I’d like everyone to use this week to get up to speed on why inclusion is so important in everything we do today and everything we want to achieve together in the future. We’re running events up and down the country for you to join in and find out more, including workshops, guest speakers and movie evenings. I’d really encourage you to get involved.

Prioritising inclusion not only makes commercial sense – did you know that inclusive businesses are 6 times more likely to be innovative, and twice as likely to hit financial targets? But it’s also vital if all of our colleagues are to reach their potential and have a great experience working for our Co-op. Every single one of us deserves to be treated with respect and feel safe in our work environment.

My ask of you this week is to take extra time to be consciously inclusive, in everything you do. Stop for a moment and think about what’s going on in the lives of those around you. What we do and what we say can have huge impact on others, so be really conscious of the impact of your words and actions.

Even though we’re celebrating National Inclusion Week, this isn’t a one off event. This is an everyday thing for us at the Co-op and I need all of you to get involved. A number of my leadership team have all made commitments about how they will role model inclusion, and I’d like you to think about what you can do to help create a more inclusive environment for your colleagues.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and commitments on Yammer using #BeingCoop. The full list of events is available here or search ‘National Inclusion Week’ on the intranet. Thank you to the Diversity & Inclusion Team for pulling together such an action packed week.

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  1. Although it was ironic that the inclusion training in Plymouth ran in a location I’m excluded from. The depot in Plymouth is used for area managers meetings (although both immediately agreed to schedule them elsewhere so I can attend in future), the inclusivity training and the Leadfest training. Access to the space is up a flight of stairs. I have a disability which means that climbing stairs causes me a great deal of pain and I can’t manage a whole flight. There is no life so I have not been able to access any of these events. It also means any jobs advertised for that location (which includes roles that someone with a disability could do) are also not inclusive.

  2. Great a Member Pioneer I’m focussing on how to engage young people. Participation and Inclusion matters.

  3. This is very important and really needed here at head office. Keep working on it and we can hopefully solve most of the problems we have here with priviledge and people being treated as 2nd class employees.

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