By Joel Godfrey, Digital Engineer

We’re so excited to launch our brand new Co-op app – now available to download from the app store. For the first time, we’re bringing the best of Co-op together in a digital way.

Colleague members have been helping us get ready for this moment since July, when we launched our trial of Offers through the membership website. Offers is our new personalised weekly service that uses members’ shopping data to tailor relevant offers from billions of possible combinations. Our colleague members have helped us to improve it, so it’s ready for launch to members.

And now you can access Offers through the app – it puts more money in your hands with instant access to your own tailored offers, smarter savings and an instant member rewards balance straight from your phone.

It’s really easy to use – you simply browse and choose two offers every week, and they’re added to your membership card, and redeemed automatically at the till point.

But Offers is just the start. We’ll develop the app over the next few months because we know that customers expect to find us in the digital world, to engage with us in more ways than just for their shopping. So we’re bringing all the elements of Co-op together to get closer to where our customers are – right in the palm of their hand.

We’d love it if you could download the app, talk to your customers and members about it and start using your weekly offers. Just search ‘Co-op’ in the app store. There’ll be lots more to tell you about as we keep working on the app – we’ll keep you posted!


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  1. I am disappointed that all this app currently provides a choice of discounts on products I don’t particularly want that week, and I can’t have these the next week. If you are able to offer the discount that week, why don’t you just lower the price in store, Gets tedious having to check the app each week to remember which particular offer one has selected. The app also doesn’t do alot does it

  2. This is not working, I have tried to report it but still no joy

  3. I think this app is great. When we talk about future developments of the app, will this include a digital version of the membership card on there that can be scanned from the phone at the checkouts? That would mean as a customer I have offers, a digital members card and membership account Details all in one place. It has the membership number but no digital version of a card which is a shame

    • Hi Matt. Most of our tills can’t scan phone screens, so we’re not planning to put the barcode in the app as it will likely disappoint more members than it helps. We’re looking at other ways to solve the problem.

      • Hi, thanks for the reply. In that case, can I suggest we look at something similar to what Costa coffee do with their express machine. I have my membership account on an app at the end of the transaction a QR code appears on the express machine’s screen which I scan with my phone and it adds the points from my transaction. Would be great if something similar appeared on our customer facing till screens and you use the app to scan and get the points 🙂

        • That’s a great idea Matt, thanks! We’ll definitely look into this while we explore the options we have 👍

        • That’s a great idea, thanks! Definitely one for us to look into when we’re looking at options 👍

      • Perhaps NFC technology could be utilised for this, such as Apple wallet, etc.

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