by Sarah Wakefield, Sustainable Sourcing and Fairtrade Manager

This weekend, Fairtrade is celebrating 25 years of changing the world. That’s quarter of a century of tackling poverty and inequality, fighting for fairer trade deals and living income for workers in developing countries.

We’re so proud that we have been working with the Fairtrade Foundation since the very beginning. Back in 1994, we started selling Fairtrade coffee and chocolate in our Co-op stores. From there, we’ve worked alongside Fairtrade to help make our own brand tea, coffee, bananas, wine, sugar, chocolate and Easter eggs all Fairtrade certified. 

We’re committed to continue working with Fairtrade, giving workers fair wages and giving our customers access to amazing sustainably sourced products. At a time when other retailers and brands have decided to move away from the Fairtrade brand to lower quality partnerships as part of cost saving measures. This means famers and workers don’t have the same protection and guarantees that come with Fairtrade Foundation. 

Fairtrade certification is the gold standard because it allows the farmers and workers the greatest say in how the organisation is run and a say in the decisions that affect them. Fairtrade also guarantees a minimum price and gives extra money into a communal fund (the Fairtrade Premium), which they can use as they see fit to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions. 

Yes there are other schemes but, for us, Fairtrade remains the best and the only major independent global sustainability standard that puts people, price and power at the heart of what it does.  We’re proud that our products continue to carry this mark.

We want everyone to get involved and celebrate 25 years of Fairtrade with us:

  • Why not buy some of your favourite Fairtrade products and talk about them with friends, family and colleagues
  • Talk to your customers and clients about our 25 year partnership with Fairtrade and our ethically sourced own brand products
  • Take a look at the Fairtrade website for some ideas and inspiration on how you can get involved in the party celebrations 
  • Share a post or the below image on social media to help spread the word – there are some ideas below for you to share. Remember to use the hashtags #Fairtrade25 #ItsWhatWeDo to join the conversation:


‘It’s 25 years since @FairtradeUK launched & @CoopUK has been there from the start. But we need to keep on pushing – the Fairtrade price & a share of voice means everything to farmers #Fairtrade25 #ItsWhatWeDo’.

Whether it’s some of our Irresistible chocolate, invigorating coffee or indulgent award-winning wines, there’s a product for you to enjoy that also helps change lives.