By Helen Webb, Chief People and Services Officer

Talkback About Your Leader survey is now complete for another year. Firstly, I’d like to take a minute to say a massive thank you to everyone who took the time to share their feedback and insights about working here at Co-op. We can’t make effective change without hearing directly from you, which is why these kind of surveys are so important.

This year 48,683 of you (which works out at 78%) took part in the survey to have your say about the experience your leaders create. This is a fantastic result, and you’ve given us a wealth of great data which we can use to shape our plans to make Co-op a great place to work.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be working hard to collate and study the findings, and we hope to be able to share some key insights and strategic priorities with you soon.

Team reports will be available by the end of November which will detail the results specifically about you leader. This is then your opportunity to work together to understand the results and how everyone can be involved in making positive changes. We’ll be checking in on an ongoing basis, asking leaders for regular updates on the progress they’re making.

Again, thank you to every colleague who took part in both Talkback Pulse and Talkback About your Leader this year. Your feedback, no matter through what channel, is really important and does make a difference to improving our business.

Don’t forget, even though the Talkback survey has closed, there are still other opportunities to get involved. You can input thoughts, ideas and suggestions via your Colleague Voice representative all year round, who will ensure your voice is heard during national forums. You can also join the conversation on our Talkback, Pulse & Colleague Voice yammer group.