By Marc Kurucz, Customer Service, Community and Membership Specialist

Managing queues can be a real challenge for our colleagues, and we know that people are likely to abandon their shopping if they have to wait too long.

We want to make sure that our store colleagues always put our customers above completing tasks.

So, we’ve developed a new learning module to help colleagues understand more about how our customers may feel about queues. I hear you say, ‘not another boring training module? But this is no ordinary training. Feedback has told us that colleagues can sometimes find training feels tedious to complete, so in this module, we’ve introduced gamification to make sure it’s fun and interactive.

This learning module now includes a combination of videos and timed scenarios for colleagues to work through. These detail how to deal with unforeseen circumstances, and how to consider the customer’s perspective of their shopping experience. Real-life customer feedback has been included so colleagues can relate and apply the learning to their day to day work, and we’ve included a curveball to make it more challenging for colleagues to complete. There are also some top tips to help colleagues consider other factors that can cause queues in store, and some of the things that customers would like to experience when queuing.

Initially, we’ve decided to share the training in stores that have some significant challenges with queues, and we’re already starting to see some differences. Last year we saw a 9% increase in Time Spent at Checkout through Your Store Your Say. This came from having a colleague focus on queues in store and we hope that this year with the investment in hours for this training, it continues to increase even further.

We know there’s so much more to do to manage our queues, and this is just the start of our journey. Soon we’ll be sharing the training with all our store colleagues. It will be available on MyLearning and colleagues can access it using the Requested Learning section. I’m keen to see the impact it has on our colleagues and how it then helps to improve our customer’s shopping experience.

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  1. You need to get DJ’s in every store in the same way we had them in the pop up festival shops!

  2. Feedback has told us that colleagues can sometimes find training feels tedious to complete. You’re not wrong! Thank you for listening to feedback. It’s good that you are listening.

    Now that you have realised that will you be going back to fix the other boring (your description) training modules ?

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