By Rebecca Birkbeck, Director of Community and Shared Value

From Wednesday 20 November to Saturday 23 November, thousands of colleagues will be celebrating the £17m members have raised for local causes across the country through the latest round of our Local Community Fund.

The Big Co-op Payout brings to life the real difference our members are making to thousands of people in the communities we serve.

The four-day period allows colleagues in food and funeral homes the chance to celebrate with their local causes across the UK. Head to your local store or funeral home, get involved and hear about what’s going on in your area.

The local causes do amazing work in their communities with the money raised by our members. It’s wonderful to have this time to recognise their contribution.

We’ll be sharing highlights of the great things our colleagues are getting up to with the causes next week so please share your stories on social media using #MakingADifference. Join the larger conversation, use the hashtag and spread the word about what makes Co-op different – that we care about the wellbeing of our communities and what matters most to them.

I’m excited about joining the celebrations in Liverpool and Amesbury next week and can’t wait to hear all your stories.

Look out on Co-op social channels as you may see some familiar colleague faces soon who’ve already been visiting local causes to kick of the celebrations!

Choose your new cause

Also don’t forget to choose your cause for this new round of funding. All Local Community Fund causes are now linked to the key focus areas of our community plan, Co-operate 2022 – spaces, skills and wellbeing.

Sign in to your membership account if you haven’t already chosen what cause you want to benefit in your local area.