By Yokeu Kusnama, Co-Director of Hudl

This past weekend, young people on the Career Search and Skills Development (CSSD) programme unravelled riddles and puzzles to obtain golden envelopes from Co-ops in various locations for their induction weekend scavenger hunt.

Delivered in partnership with Hudl and Damilola Taylor Trust, CSSD is an employability programme sponsored by Co-op. Through networking, CV clinics, development days and group coaching, CSSD aims to equip young people aged 17 – 25 from disadvantaged backgrounds, with the skills and confidence to be the very best they can be when applying for opportunities.

The induction weekend at St Patrick’s College opposite Tower Bridge, allowed young people to understand the programme and get to know the staff and each other. Bringing young people together for the first time can be challenging and team building is a must in order for the group to work together for the next 4 months.

How best to get young people from different backgrounds to quickly bond? Through competitive team games of course!

The main team building activity was the scavenger hunt and we needed the support and the help of colleagues at local Co-op stores. In preparation, we dropped off four golden envelopes at three different Co-op locations, spoke to store colleagues to prepare them what to expect and left written instructions.


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The rules were simple: teams were to decode a clue, find the location then no more than two members of a team were allowed in-store to complete a task in order to receive the clue for the next location from store colleagues. To collect additional points, teams were given a list of scavenger hunt tasks to perform – more points for more difficult tasks and varied between serenading strangers, pretending to be spies and taking pictures in tight spaces. Any teams needing help could request it, but 10 points were taken from their scores. The last clue was the location of the restaurant we were to meet for dinner!

The prize for the winning team was cinema tickets but the competition spirit was so strong that the prize in the end was irrelevant – teams wanted to be the first to crack each riddle and arrive at the restaurant first; all while bonding with each other, working together as a team, working on their problem solving, communication and negotiating skills.

Store colleagues were fantastic in their enthusiasm and support and we’re always looking for people to get involved. Competitions and games are a constant in CSSD so come along to our next event on 28 November and have fun while supporting young people.

In the meantime, find out if you can unravel the first clue that was given to teams: Find the XCIV on the street steeped in history,  where the Kings Head Tavern once stood; to feed and water the freed Princess who would go on to be known as the Good Queen Bess.