By Steve Murrells, Co-op CEO

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to give us your feedback in the Talkback About Your Leader survey. More than 48,500 of you responded, which is even more than last year.

Your feedback about your experiences working here is so important in helping us to understand what we’re doing well, and where we can make improvements to make the Co-op a great place for you to come to work.

You gave us a lot valuable feedback, so we’ve prepared a short animated video which summarises the headlines from this year’s results.

The breakdown

I’d like take a moment to give you an overview of the wider Co-op results from across the business, so we can reflect on what you’ve told us.

I’m delighted to say that our engagement score across our Co-op remains strong for the fifth year running at 76%.  In fact, four out of five of you said you enjoy working here, which is wonderful to hear.

Most of you also told us that you’re proud to tell others you work at the Co-op (75%), and you would recommend it as a place to work (73%).  Reassuringly, you also encourage your friends and family to buy our products and services (79%) and you feel a strong sense of belonging (75%).

Like me, what you value most about working here is how we’re more than just a business and the difference we make with our local communities. We understand that we need to recognise the great work you do everyday and make sure we say ‘thank you’ more often. You also said we should do more to encourage different ways of thinking and consider more of our colleagues’ opinions.

In the main, you feel more involved and empowered in your work; 91% of you said you feel trusted to do the right thing, and significantly more people said they feel involved in decisions.  Most of you feel safe when you come to work every day and a large majority of you are aware of the fantastic work done on our Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities campaign. 

There are some important issues we need to address, as a third of you report having experienced an incident in the last year that made you feel unsafe. This isn’t acceptable and we’ll explore how we can tackle this urgently. Likewise, there were a small number of areas with reports of bullying, harassment and discrimination. We continue to have a zero tolerance approach to dealing with these behaviours and we’re working hard to make it easier for those of you who are affected to speak up and feel safe doing so.

You’ve had even more positive experiences with your leaders this year, and most of you would recommend your managers. There’s still work to be done however, as you’d like leaders to ask for feedback on themselves more regularly, and we need to improve the way we manage poor behaviours of colleagues whenever it happens. You’d also like to see more guidance on how to develop and build your careers.

It’s encouraging to see that two thirds of you believe that action will be taken off the back of the feedback you’ve given us.

For a more general overview of each of our business areas, we’ve created a brief summary of the headline results in the infographics below. Please take a look if you’re interested in how your business area has performed this year.

These results are just the start

Thank you again for filling in the survey – I really value everything you’ve shared.

Line managers should have received their team reports last Friday (as long as the criteria was met). The reports will contain the full breakdown of your individual team’s thoughts, experiences and reflections on the environment they work in. I hope everyone who received a report is taking the time to read through it and reflect on the feedback they’ve received from their colleagues. 

Effective action planning is crucial to driving positive improvements and effective change. I’d like to see every manager having constructive conversations with their teams about how you can celebrate the good, and work together to build on the areas for improvement.

These Talkback results are just the start, and each one of us, regardless of our job, can reflect on them. It’s important for us all to identify the role we can play in building a collaborative, inclusive business for everyone, and we can only do that by working together.

We’ll be continuing our Talkback conversation next year, and I personally can’t wait to see what we can do next.

Thank you.

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  1. Steve

    There is a small percent of bullying.
    H ow will you tackle this situation. If Co op behaviours are followed bullying would not happen. I would be interested in hearing your solution. Colleague welfare is very important.

    • Sandra, Thank you for raising this important topic. You’re absolutely right that if our colleagues live our Co-op behaviours, we will stamp-out unacceptable behaviour like bullying. That’s why we’ve recently updated our policy on bullying and harassment and we’re also currently rolling out e-learning to help managers and colleagues to know how to spot and tackle bullying in the workplace. But the reality is that words on the screen will never be enough. We all need to take responsibility for our behaviour and call out where we see poor behaviour. Next year we’ll be putting more focus on helping colleagues better understand what it means to live and breathe our Co-op behaviours day-to-day and working with our Colleague Voice forum to look for even more practical changes we can make to tackle bullying head on.

  2. Pay, Benefits and Rewards seem to be a big theme. Surely its about time, given we are so passionate about our colleagues and work life balance to take the stance and close the stores on xmas day, boxing day and then again new years day and the 2nd. This would have a massive impact on how the colleagues felt they were rewarded for hard work.

    Also the time saved in the run up to the festive period where management look for the full teams working preference and try and accommodate everyone to ensure we have a fair schedule.

    • Reply from Chris Whitfield:
      Thanks for your comments Martin. Every year we carefully consider our store opening hours over the festive period and balance this against the needs of our communities. We know that some larger store retailers have taken decisions to close on those days, but this also means our customers need us as a convenience retailer even more. I recognise this means our store teams work really hard over this period, and thank everyone that is working, particularly on the days you’ve mentioned. Our desire is to be as fair as we can to colleagues with scheduling over any holiday or festive period, as we know everyone has their own individual circumstances and also everyone should get to rest and spend time with their family and friends. Our management teams should be working with you to achieve this as much as possible. Please let your store or area manager know if you think this could be improved in your store. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.

  3. @ADRIAN

    I agree all in on would be ideal.

    You actually get the Offers? and it works? this still does not work for me, IT are looking at it!

  4. Some good results there and importantly recognition of some key areas for improvement.

    I look forward to seeing the changes.

    First one please please reduce the amount of apps at work and on mobile.

    I can’t keep remembering all these passwords that need remembering again every time i move store.

    Why can’t we just log on and all the systems we have access to are there, one click away.

    On my phone I have now do I, shifts, offers and My hr and somewhere else for membership

    Please please 1 app should cover it.

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