By Kevin Sargent, Senior Product Developer

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new plant-based brand next week called GRO.

We know that more of our customers are enjoying meat and dairy free meals as part of a varied diet. Many are generally interested in reducing the overall amount of meat they eat or want to start following a plant-based diet. Whatever the motivation to choose plant-based, GRO offers something delicious for everyone with quick and delicious plant-based meals. From burgers and sausages that taste as good as their meat-based equivalents to some vibrant and healthy veg-based dishes, there is something to suit everyone.

We have Vegan Sausage Rolls, Hoisin Du’k Wraps and Meat Free Popcorn Chicken, plus so much more to choose from across our Food to Go, Frozen and Chilled range. We can’t wait for you to try them.

GRO products will be landing in all stores next week on Wednesday 8 January. In the mean-time, tell us what you think of the brand and whether you’re making any plant-based new years’ resolutions.

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  1. I was so excited for this to release and have tried the GRO products that are available in the store I currently work in, and I think the co-op have done a wonderful job leading the way with more affordable and convenient options for varied diets. One of the worst things about being vegan in a small village is finding quick and easy lunch meals when you are in a rush and this is perfect! The taste is great and I am really excited to visit some other stores and try some more. Thank you! 😁

  2. i think this a great step forward for the future of the Coop! Well Done!
    I worked at one of the festivals last year and there was a lot of request for Vegan items, so I hope to see these available this year in all the pop up stores?

  3. The cessation or reduction of animal products in a diet is admirable; whether be for environmental, ethical, health reasons etc. however I can’t help but think these products should be branded, sold and marketed as ‘Vegan’ rather than ‘Plant Based’.
    There is a distinction between a traditional plant based diet and a vegan diet, and the two are not necessarily interchangeable. PB focuses mostly on ‘whole foods’ i.e. vegetables, grains, beans & legumes, fruit, seeds and nuts etc. …. (And believe it or not depending on your stance a PB diet can also include small amounts of meat and fish), rather than Vegan Sausage Rolls or Meat Free Popcorn Chicken.
    I look forward to trying the products.

  4. Some people can’t afford to go veggie only as the cost differential between plant based and other products available. As an example, £1.90 for a litre of almond milk is pretty high compared to the 2.227 litre of semi skimmed milk for £0.89. I’m hoping the Co-op can lead the way on this.

  5. I’ve been vegan for a year and I am really excited by these new products and cant wait to try them. The vegan community online was also really positive and looking forward to these coming to the market.

  6. This is very good news, and it is exciting to be offered such a range of meat-free alternatives. 40 years ago it was really hard to find any food at all that had no animal products in, and even being vegetarian was very hard work. Ranges like GRO mean that it is now easy to adopt a plant based diet without necessarily turning all your eating habits upside down. Changing our diet to help the planet no longer means living an austere life eating only brown rice and lentils.

    Nearly 15% of greenhouse gases are generated by cattle, which emit huge quantities of methane because of the way their digestive systems work (source: The Guardian and dairy farming uses large amounts of land, resulting in deforestation. Reducing meat and dairy consumption is therefore a critical step in addressing climate change.

    We can all make a difference by reducing our dairy and meat consumption, even if we don’t choose to go vegan altogether.

  7. As a meat eater, I’m excited to see these alternatives come out and the branding is fantastic. My partner’s friend, who’s been vegan for some time, also loved the branding 🙂

  8. I’ve been plant bases for two years and this is fantastic news! Well done Co-op 🙂

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