January 27, 2020

Yo! On the go

By Emily Young, Food to Go Concessions Buyer

Our brand new Moorgate store in London has just opened and is our third On the Go concept store in the country.

Situated in the heart of the City of London, Moorgate is a ten-minute walk from the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral and down the road from the concrete Barbican estate. It’s also positioned close to underground stations and offices, offering ease, speed and convenience for commuting consumers in search of breakfast, lunch or dinner options ‘on the go’. These concept stores help us develop a contemporary, bold and relevant offering for this mission in key locations across the country.

Moorgate has some fantastic concessions including a free water refill station and an i-squeeze orange juice machine. It also stocks Co-op staples like our new plant-based GRO range, sandwiches, in-store bakery, hot food, wines and even Yo! Sushi.

In a Co-op first, Moorgate Co-op offers a delicious range of Yo! Sushi food to go items, including vegan sushi, chicken katsu bites, crispy salmon rolls and salmon deluxe sushi packs. We want to further elevate our sushi proposition and target customers in search of more authentic products, bridging the gap between our core sushi offer and sushi counters in the market.

Part of my role is to explore new opportunities – such as concessions, brands and products – which enhance the customer experience in store. We’re really happy to partner with Yo! Sushi in our Moorgate store to test new concepts, bringing our customers closer to what they want.

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  1. “An alleyway exists just off Moorgate that has almost no redeeming features about it, other than it’s bland existence is fortunately, a very short one.”



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