By Sarah Birtwistle, Head of Community Propositions & Planning

Our Members have told us that one of the biggest challenges to clean and safe community spaces is litter. Many of them are already involved in local litter picks and many are looking for ways to take local action.

This is why we’re delighted to partner with Keep Britain Tidy on their Great British Spring Clean campaign. This partnership is part of our community plan, Co-operate 2022 which focuses on three areas; Spaces, Skills and Wellbeing and also fits well as part of our broader sustainability commitments.

The campaign, which runs from Friday 20 March – Monday 13 April, is built on co-operation and bringing people together locally to make a change on their doorstep. This in turn helps the planet and helps strengthen communities and personal wellbeing too.

The Great British Spring Clean is about demonstrating that you love where you live – whether that’s by ‘pledging to pick’ while you’re walking the dog or taking the kids to school, hosting a clean-up or joining someone else’s event.

We’re working alongside Keep Britain Tidy, and other like minded organisations who are interested in making positive sustainable change in communities, to help mobilise 600,000 people to get involved in the action and we want to give everyone at Co-op the opportunity to really get behind this. We’ll share more information soon on how you can get involved.

For us it’s more than just litter picks, it’s also about creating sustainable practices and the means to carry on well after the Great British Spring Clean ends.

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  1. Hi, when will more information be shared?

  2. We have a problem with litter in our branch Yard, Would I be allowed overtime to clear this? its not just a few wrappers, it’s quite intense and would take a full day but I think that it would make a big impact on the community and our kerb appeal. I only work part time so I don’t have time to do it during my usual work hours.

  3. Perhaps supporting art project thst reduces plastic waste and litter

  4. Is there one specific day the coop wants us to be attending this event or are we able to organise ourselves?

  5. Personally what I’d like is if our stores had two bins outside one for recyclable and one for non-recyclable material. In respect of the Spring Clean I’d like Belfast City Council that on past occasions have been hugely helpful, and separately curse the weather – once it snowed, in April, in Northern Ireland…

  6. Litter is a big bugbear of mine and a lot of effort goes into keeping community spaces clean and tidy. I do think paths and street less traversed are neglected though. There are routes I take to walk to work, from my car, that are literally littered with rubbish. I think it would be worth cleaning these types of area too. Litterers are more likely to litter if they see other litter already littered.

  7. It’s not exactly linked to cleaning per se, but as specified this also should include creating sustainable practices. I think we could all be reminded to turn of our monitors before leaving the office. It just take the click of a button.

  8. Let’s make sure areas around our businesses are kept clean and litter free. The Co-op could become a community leader on this front. Perhaps we could have “environment champions” to ensure this becomes a priority.
    We could also publicise the fact we undertake such worthwhile work.

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