By Louise Nicholas, Digital Design

When we launched our new Co-op app last year, we started with our Offers service, and we’re making great progress in building so much more.

More and more, we’re seeing consumers using digital to do many things in their lives – shopping, socialising, looking for inspiration – and we think Co-op is perfectly placed to bring them a joined-up experience, right from their phone.

Offers (which you can also access by logging into the website) sends members two personalised offers every week, using their shopping data to identify what they might like to buy. It’s been really well received, so we’ve developed an extra offer for our colleague members as a trial. It’s £1 off our GRO range, and it runs until Sunday 2 February – so there’s still time to grab yours. In the first week, over 5,600 colleagues have selected the offer – we think it’s a great way to make it easier for you to try our fantastic own brand products. We’re also trialling this with a really small group of members to see how it affects what they buy from us.

And there’s more. You can see your membership reward balance, and use our new Discover tab to look for recipe ideas and inspiration. Eventually we’ll bring in other elements too, so watch this space!

You can really help us make the app a success. By downloading and using the app, and your offers, we can tell if it’s working well, and if you like the offers that our Personalisation team identify for you – that will help us to keep improving it for all our members. We’re really excited about how our app will reach customers beyond our bricks and mortar stores, and get them engaging and shopping with us in new digital ways.