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A few weeks ago we started talking about our vision; co-operating for a fairer world, and the plan we have to make it happen.

At Co-op how we do things is just as important as what we do. That’s especially true when we’re trying to get everyone focused on delivering one vision and one plan.

One of the focus areas of that plan is how we Build a Co-op Culture – helping everyone reach their potential and be their best so that we can work together to create a Co-op we can all be proud of.

Helen Webb tells us more:

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  1. Just a point about channels – this seems to be duplicated across multiple channels between Yammer, SharePoint and here, why is there not just one route to it and one location for a conversation about it?

  2. How and when will this be made accessible to busy foodstore colleagues and managers and really grab their attention that “this is for me?” , They are our face-to-face frontline. (I have in mind my nearest food store.)

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