By Helen Seed, Communication and Campaign Development Manager

Our pizzas aren’t just delicious – they also come on recyclable cardboard trays.

You might have noticed we switched our polystyrene pizza trays to cardboard ones around two years ago. This was an important step for us to take as part of our Future of Food ambition to source and create Co-op products with care for the planet.

Polystyrene is a bad type of plastic for the environment. When it breaks apart, it breaks down into smaller pieces and tiny fragments. Since it’s so light, it can be easily carried into waters or into the sea by the wind.

Thanks to our cardboard trays, we’ve been able to remove over 200 tonnes of this type of plastic from our business. This is more than the weight of a blue whale, the heaviest mammal on earth. Considering how light polystyrene is, that’s a lot of plastic.

We’re so proud of our cardboard trays, we’ve even made an advert; see it first here:

Every single pizza from Co-op, from our Irresistible Wood Fired Margherita, to our New York Inspired Philly Cheese Steak, and even our GRO Kashmiri Spice pizzas all come on recyclable cardboard trays.

If you watch Coronation Street, keep your eyes peeled tonight to catch the premier of the advert. It will also be shown throughout the weekend with slots during Dancing on Ice and The Voice.

We’re continuing to work towards our commitment to make all our packaging possible to recycle at home or through clean film collection points in selected Co-op stores by summer 2020.

I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts on this. We’ve also uploaded content to SocialHub so you can share the news with your family and friends too.

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  1. Hi,
    Why are we still using trays, albeit recyclable when Aldi no not on the Speciality range?

  2. Amazing! Such a good thing 😀

  3. Thank you, although only one part of a suite of actions the Co-op is doing, this is a brill piece, I share the frustration though that “we” brought this initiative in 2 years ago, yet people are still ignoring the amazing work the Co-op does, often ahead of others, always leading. It is worthwhile pointing out we led the way in 1844 with the aim to produce and sell Pure and Unadulterated Products. I will share this blog and encourage people to share it too.

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