By Steve Blair, Princess Parkway Co-op

I saw our amazing new Pizzas and Plastics advert on TV last night, it’s great to see we’re shouting about what we’re doing to be more sustainable.

We’re being kinder to the planet in other ways too. We’ve had our new cleaning contracts for a few weeks now and I’ve been chatting to our NIC cleaner who’s been telling me about some of the changes they’ve made to their cleaning products and packaging.

Planet-friendly products

Our cleaner now gets just three small cardboard boxes of cleaning products, reducing plastic content by 100% and eliminating 10 tonnes of single-use plastic! And even better, that cardboard is 100% compostable and fully recyclable.

The products our cleaners used have changed too. Instead of plastic spray bottles and containers, we’re now using innovative soluble sachets.

Across our entire business, we used to use 50,000 spray bottles of bathroom cleaner and the equivalent to that now is just 20 sachets. We’ve also taken away 22,500 5 litre containers of multi-purpose which is equal to just 100 sachets.

That means;

  • A 95% saving on transportation and less CO2 emissions
  • They’re 95% lighter, helping colleagues move them around easier
  • Less space used to store the cleaning chemicals
  • A 100% reduction in single-use plastic

I’m really proud to work for a company that cares about the world we share in more ways than one! My team and I can’t wait until all our own brand products are 100% recyclable in the Summer too, we’re busy thinking about ways we can share this amazing news with our customers.

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  1. How big are these sachets ?

    • Hi Gordon – the sachets work just like dishwasher tabs. You put one sachet in a trigger spray bottle, fill with water, give it a shake and you’re ready to go. The boxes are so small we can even send though the post, so we are reducing CO2 aswell!

  2. This is fantastic! Another step closer to a greener Co-op!

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