By Jane Walapu, Colleague Recognition Lead

Our 2019 Talkback About Your Leaders survey highlighted that 36% of colleagues want more recognition. Recognising colleagues is a really important way for us to make them feel that their efforts are appreciated, and reassure them that they’re doing a good job.

To celebrate Colleague Appreciation Day this year, I’ll be using my team meeting to take time to thank those who’ve supported me on my projects. Using the praise icon on Yammer is also a super quick and easy way to publicly show appreciation for colleagues who’ve helped me with their feedback and ideas.

Aside from the day, there are lots of different ways we can recognise one another. You could order one of our recognition boxes by emailing, which contains things like, cards, selfie frames, pens and key rings – which are all nice physical ways to appreciate someone. You could also post a quick thanks or story onto our wall of fame on our recognition website. If you’re looking for something more personalised, our small gifts policy allows you to buy a colleague a gift to recognise exceptional achievements.

A simple thing I do is to use diary reminders in my calendar every week to reflect and thank someone who’s made a difference. Co-op are also making some exciting changes to the way we recognise colleagues this year. From April we’ll be launching our career celebration scheme, which’ll see Co-op thanking even more colleagues for their commitment and loyalty. This year Co-op will also launch the #beingcoop awards colleague vote which gives colleagues the opportunity to vote for their winners from the short-listed finalists.

These changes will certainly help Co-op towards its ambition of building a culture of recognition, but it’s important to remember that recognition should be all year round – it doesn’t always need to be big gestures, as the daily thanks can really mean a lot.