Dear colleagues,

Some of you will be coming into work after a busy weekend shift.

Others will be coming into work as you’ve never known it before, full of angst and worried customers.

Others will be preparing to be full-time colleagues, full-time home school teachers and full-time parents. Simultaneously.

Others will be preparing to offer your utmost care to families in their darkest moments.

Others will be wondering how to fulfil your role and maintain your relationships over Teams and conference calls.

All of us will be coming into work today are determined to do our best for our members, customers and their communities. Bringing our skills, energy and determination to the job at hand.

Be confident, that our work is hugely valuable at this time. Our customers and their communities need us. Be patient with yourself and each other. We’re all learning. We will get through this. Together. As One Co-op.

I’m going to share weekly updates, you can watch my most recent video here.


Steve Murrells, Co-op CEO

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  1. Thanks Steve we are with you support our community

  2. Thank you Steve, this message and the weekly updates are great, helping us all understand the importance of each other and what we are doing for our communities. People WILL remember the good guy’s, the ones who put people before profits and did the right thing!!!

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