By Jane Walapu, Colleague Recognition Lead

I’m so proud to be a Co-op colleague. Each and every day, I’m inspired by the posts I’m seeing on Yammer and social media with details about all the great work our amazing colleagues are doing right across Co-op.

These are crazy, difficult and uncertain times but that’s not getting in the way of people really going above and beyond. Whether it’s simply to try to raise the spirits of their colleagues or people in their communities, to help out those more in need or offering people the chance to say goodbye to loved ones in a different way.

This is why now, more than ever, I think it’s important that we find the time to say thank you. Whether it’s recognising colleagues for going the extra mile or simply acknowledging that they’re continuing to do a great job with the added pressures of new ways of working and balancing caring responsibilities – a simple thank you really can go a long way.

I’d love to see more of us taking some time each week to reflect on what those around us are doing and then reach out to them to say thanks!

You can say thank you however you like; by phone, email, text or even on Yammer and social media using #LocalHeroes. You can also use our new digital thank you cards and the wall of fame on our recognition site to tell your colleagues how amazing you think they are.

If you’re working with someone who is genuinely one of our #LocalHeroes, I’d really encourage you to nominate them for a Local Heroes award.

We’ve re-opened our #BeingCoop awards purely to recognise and celebrate our local heroes who are going above and beyond at this incredibly difficult time. We’ll share some of their stories over the coming weeks.