By Anna Rickard, Senior Product Developer

Zoom BBQs, Skype picnics and FaceTime brunches. This year, we might be celebrating summer slightly differently, but when the sun’s out, it’s the perfect chance to enjoy a virtual get together with plenty of delicious food.

Our new Summer ranges are sizzling their way into stores from this month, and we’re excited to share these innovative products with you.

We took inspiration from across the world for our products this year – from America, Asia to the Middle East. So, while we’re at home, there’s no better time to take a virtual trip around the world together and indulge in our new Summer range. 

Middle Eastern mezze style picnics

Our picnic range is inspired by the fresh and vibrant flavours from across the Middle East.

There’s a twist on an English classic with our Harissa Spiced Sausage Rolls, coated in puff pastry with a British pork sausage meat filling and spices. Harissa, popular in countries including Tunisia, Morocco and Israel adds a unique red pepper taste with a slight heat of chilli. It’s utterly delicious and will make you feel like your exploring a Moroccan souk.

To freshen the palette, you might also like to try our Irresistible Striped Beetroot & Lemon Pepper Salad Kit.  A tender mix of baby leaves including baby kale, red chard and spinach. It’s garnished with shredded candy-striped beetroot and butternut squash to add crunch and colour, sweety drop peppers for a hint of sweet and sharpness, and the savoury spiced dukkah seed mix adds a Middle Eastern twist and a burst of texture and flavour! Finally the dressing is creamy and bought to life with zingy lemon and cracked black pepper.

Complete your indoor picnic with our Irresistible Sizzling Spiced Chicken Kebab Crisps. They’re hand cooked British potatoes seasoned with a Middle Eastern spice blend, sizzling flame grilled chicken and a hint of lemon to recreate the exact taste of a mouth-watering gourmet chicken kebab.

Fire up the grill

Our new BBQ range is truly epic – inspired by both American and Asian cuisine, it’ll take you to another taste dimension.

Our Asian Style Chicken Thighs are what dreams are made of – they’re sticky and sweet, slow cooked for four hours and glazed with a sweet chilli sauce. Or maybe our Southern BBQ Pulled Pork is more your style – succulent pork shoulder, slow cooked for eight hours, infused with southern spices and all covered in a sweet and sticky BBQ sauce.

But don’t fret – there’s also some amazing new additions to our GRO range for anyone who’s vegan or flexitarian, such as our Vegan Kofta – soya koftas seasoned with Korean inspired spices.

It wouldn’t be a true BBQ without some crisps and this summer, we’ve got two new flavours to offer.

With hints of coriander and coconut, our Irresistible Katsu Curry Crinkle Cut Crisps could be fresh out of Tokyo. The Katsu flavour has really been captured in this pack, making them a perfect addition to your Asian inspired BBQ. Our Dirty Fries Crisps are… well pretty dirty! They’re shaped just like real fries and have a sharp, cheesy taste to them. They’re limited edition, so make sure you try then while you can!

Soak up the sun

When you’re feeling the heat and need to cool down, we have you covered with our amazing selection of Ice Creams.

If you’re a bit of a chocoholic, we know you’re going to love our Hazelnut, Praline and Chocolate Truffle Ice Creams. With flavours inspired by master chocolatiers from France and Belgium, these ice cream will instantly transport you to the Grand Place in Belgium – they’re truly out of this world.

Our Free From Strawberry and Vanilla cones are gluten free, making them a perfect treat to enjoy whilst you imagine yourself on beach lounger at your favourite beach.

But, if you feel like indulging, you’ll have to try our Good as Gold Ice Cream Sticks. It’s the perfect sin free(ish) treat under 80 calories each. Available in two tempting flavours, hazelnut and chocolate and salted caramel, the toughest part will be choosing which to try first!

Try it today

I hope you get a chance to try our Summer range this year. We’ve worked hard to develop the products and I hope you enjoy the tastes from around the world whilst you’re at home.

Please let me know what you’d like to try, what you like the most or if you have any feedback about the range in the comments below or on Yammer – we love hearing from you.

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