Here’s my latest video update. Thanks for everything you’re doing!

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This week’s #LocalHeroes 

This week we celebrated Mental Health Awareness week, giving focus on a topic that’s incredibly important and deeply personal. The theme this year is kindness, which is something I see in action from our colleagues every day.

Kindness is at the heart of what we do. As you may have seen in the news last weekend, NHS nurse Keith Duddington sadly passed away from coronavirus. Tragically, his mother Lillian and father Maurice passed soon after. It was heart-breaking and devastating to read. The team at South Shields gave the family a beautiful funeral and led the cortege, where hundreds of NHS workers, firefighters and well-wishers lined the streets to pay their respects. It was an incredible moment and a wonderful tribute, and the family are now laid to rest together.

I’ve rounded-up some of your examples of mental health awareness along with more incredible Local Hero stories here. Please continue to share the amazing work you do every day on Yammer and social media using #LocalHeroes.

The current world we live in is different, difficult and hard, but please know you’re not alone no matter how apart you might be. If you ever need help or feel like you’re struggling, please reach out to our free Employee Assistance Programme via LifeWorks.

Continue doing what you do and remember to always be kind to yourself and to others.

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