By Steve Murrells – Co-op CEO

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This week has been a difficult one. We’re consuming lots of information and media from around the world, a lot of it painful and incredibly sad.

It’s hard and uncomfortable to reflect on ourselves, however, we need to learn, adapt and change as a collective to move forward and support the inclusive culture we’re trying to build at Co-op.

Firstly, I’d like to focus on Annette Joseph and our colleagues in the Rise network. Annette and the team have shared a frank and important update to help us educate ourselves and understand racial inequalities in the UK. Annette has shared some great reading, along with educational videos and links on how you can help. My ask is that you read the information she’s provided and take action.

As always, our Local Heroes continue to do incredible work across the country with our local communities, and the difference you continue to make isn’t going unnoticed.

Colleagues from Deptford Bridge received a thank you from a 70-year old customer for keeping the store clean, fresh and fully stocked. These simple things make a real difference to people who are more at risk and might struggle.

Also, I heard from a customer who wanted to praise David Brett, a Probate Consultant in Legal Services saying she couldn’t believe the incredible service she’s received from David despite the adapted ways of working with customers during the pandemic.

Click here to read about these Local Hero stories and more. I love hearing about the amazing work you do, so please continue to share your stories on Yammer and social media using #LocalHeroes.

To every single one you – my eyes and ears are open. I value you. I want to listen and learn more.

Watch this year’s AGM live on YouTube tomorrow

This year’s AGM will be livestreamed via YouTube ( from 1 Angel Square on Saturday 6 June at 10am. We’ve asked eligible members to vote on everything in advance, so they can stay safe and watch the event live from the comfort of their own homes. Hopefully you managed to have your say in our elections and motions!

There’ll also be a live Q&A session where you can put your questions to our board – we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can during the event.