By Roni Wilkinson, Assistant Campaigns Manager

As we start to gear up for the new football season, we thought we’d celebrate in style with a classic footie combo offer.

You can now pick up our new Super Saver Deal –  two award winning pizzas and a 4 x Budweiser 300ml for just £5, saving £6.15 off the RRP. Plus, if you use your Colleague Discount, the deal comes down to £4.50 making it even better value for money.

The pizzas we have on offer are:

  • Thin and Crispy Margherita – Our much loved tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese ribbons are the perfect match, allowing this pizza to truly make a mark with its simplicity
  • Thin and Crispy Pepperoni – From the stone baked base covered in a rich tomato sauce, classic mozzarella and spicy slices of pepperoni, this classic pizza does everything right

There are a few ways you can customise your super saver. If you prefer a lower calorie beer, you could choose Bud Light. Or if you fancy something non-alcoholic, you can pick up a Coca Cola 4x250ml Glass Bottles instead. Everything is on mix and match, so  you can choose your favourite combination to enjoy.

Also for the first time, we’re running a super saver like this through 355 of our Deliveroo stores, meaning customers can bag this bargain straight from the comfort of their own sofa and have it delivered within 30 minutes.

Don’t forget, all our pizzas come on recyclable cardboard trays, which has helped us save over 200 tonnes of non-recyclable polystyrene.

This offer is available now until 14 July.

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  1. This deal really needs an alternative choice of beer. Budweiser is awful.

  2. Great! the beer and pizza deal is ba…..oh it’s Budweiser. Ah well.

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